No More Trauma for The Flash With New Writer Jeremy Adams

After a nearly-four month hiatus, DC’s The Flash title is back - and there’s a new, different, familiar face under the mask.

Wally West.

Thanks to the end of Dark Nights: Death Metal and the events of Infinite Frontier #0, he’s safe. For the past decade or so, fans of the Wally West/Flash have rightly been a little flinchy anytime he’s brought up in storylines, as it usually ends in dark times and tragic turns for him and/or his family.

But incoming series writer Jeremy Adams wants to tell you it’s going to be okay. Wally is going to be okay. After making his comics debut with stories in the recent ‘Future State’ event, Adams is taking over The Flash title with this week’s Flash #768 - and rebuilding a safe, fun place for Wally West.

Read all about what Jeremy Adams has to say about Wally and Flash #768 over at Newsarama!

Did you run to grab Flash #768? Let us know in the comments below!


Ouch, $4.99 for a comic! I remember the good old days when it use to be $1.50. Oh well, I’m sure it’s worth every cents of a good story.:grinning:


I remember 12 cents.


I can remember 20 cents!


I really like this issue. I haven’t read much of the Flash so far. Definitely want to read more. Loved the new uh…speedster introduced here haha I really enjoyed that and would love to see more of that in particular…


The Flashes are all on the board!
This is where we should have been Ten Years ago after Flash Rebirth!
I loved this first new issue
(And I really like the new Logo!)

I’ve notice a new trend that I’m starting to really like!
Just when Wally’s about to give up and just take his lumps or quit the business, he gets thrown into an adventure and he immediately starts having so much fun that he forgets all about the idea of quitting!

It’s not that I want Wally to constantly be trying to quit/retire etc… But I love that as soon as his next adventure starts, he’s all smiles and having a grand old time of it!

Wally once said
“Being the Flash isn’t a harsh responsibility…it’s the dream of a lifetime!”

I like that the writers approaching him are remembering that!
It’s great to have a comic book that’s actually FUN to read again!
Can’t wait for the next issue!


Always up for a new voice. Lotsa responsibility arrives with assuming the reigns of a title.Let it roll!


The Flash #768 and Challenge of the Super Sons #10 were the only books of interest for me this week, so yes, I ran to get it. :flash_hv_1:


I was hooked by the Wally West/Flintstones moment



@Reaganfan78, I remember the good old days of 12 cents, but this was still a great comic book. Actually, Flash #768 was the best damn single comic DC has published since the Rebirth Special!


In the immortal words of the late, great Phil Rizzuto–Holy Cow!!
That is the way I would describe the latest issue (#776) of The Flash. It was a fantastic read. It was entertaining, laugh out loud funny, and beautifully rendered. Jeremy Adams, Fernando Pasarin, and Matt Ryan gave us one of the most outstanding single issues of the year. No angst, no agendas, no nihilistic deconstruction crapola, just pure escapism that puts a smile on your face and leaves you wanting more. Nuff Said!


I am now caught up to the current Wally West Flash.

I wasn’t enthused about Wally going through time in other people’s bodies, but after that it became a great title.


I really adore the family issues that Adams is teasing out - the dream issue was amazing! I just wish there was a bit more consistent art.