No matter your views on Tom King

This news of him being taken off of Batman is a complete loss for all fans (that is if he doesnt get to finish his story in the manner he intended)

The reason I say this is because of 1 of 2 things:

1.) We get a rushed version of what King intended, that may or may not pale in comparison to an actual wedding on issue 50 (fault falls on DC for overhyping the issue)


2.) Tom ends his run short and the next Writer tries to Frankenstein’s Monster sew his story to Kings resulting in a incoherent mess.

damn it DC, you better let the man finish his story properly.


I thought the same thing when I saw the news. I have liked some parts of his story, disliked or felt it didn’t payoff like it implied in other parts. But I thought it would an awesome saga or omnibus, essentially his version or view of Batman.

Love or hate his work, his Batman made news and that is always a plus for the comic book industry, and this is a loss for fans of comics in general.

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I’m guessing he’s going to finish the story in a new series. Title is selling too well to just replace him for no reason.


I’m sorry, but I don’t care if he finishes the story properly. I’m just tired of it. I want it done so I can read some Batman I actually enjoy. And I definitely didn’t dislike issue #50 because of the overhyping (although that was a big mistake on DC’s part), I also disliked it because it was written very poorly.

I don’t mean that I don’t want to see the story get an ending. I just want that ending to happen soon and quick.

I didn’t realize people disliked Tom King’s Batman that much.

But there are so many other takes/visions/perspectives of Batman which lives-on in many other current books, why DC won’t let him finish out this storyline in this one book?

I really hope DC reconsiders and lets him finish his story.

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I’ve enjoyed it for the most part.
I really liked the war of jokes and riddles.

I really like it, but it can be slow. Anyway if the report is accurate, he will finish the main portion of his story. The CBR reporting says that the last 15 issues were going to be a cod to his run.

I think he just needs to stick with mini series, his gimmick is the mental health writer and an ongoing series doesn’t really work with that, at least not for 100 issues.


I’ve really liked his run and I really hope they don’t cut his version short. I’d be sooo happy if this rumor was false.

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@KNEELB4BORT Exactly. He’s written good things in the past, but his style definitely doesn’t carry over well to an ongoing series or at least a run as long as the one he’s trying to do. Almost every time Tom King writes something short I enjoy it.

Oh darn, I was really hoping this news wasn’t true. I didn’t care for his Batman run, but I always felt like it would fit together like a finished puzzle once he finished his intended 100 issues. There’s no denying his talent, and even if I wasn’t crazy about the ride, I was genuinely looking forward to the destination so to speak.

In any case, best wishes to Mr. King in any of his future comic endeavours. He has a habit of making beautifully poignant work, and I have a feeling this won’t throw a wrench in that one bit.