No man’s land

I don’t exactly get batman no man’s land that just came on here, is it one story from multiple issues or what’s up with itt

It’s a crossover from 1999-2000 that involved all of the Batman titles of the time. A part takes place in one issue of one title, then continues in an issue of another title, etc, etc.

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It’s a crossover involving multiple titles that tells one big story.

Forgot to add that :slight_smile:

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It helps if you look up a reading order list, since the overall story ran through a ton of different books and it’s not always clear which book you’re supposed to go to next. They also seem to be missing the first three relevant Azrael issues and all of the Robin issues, from what I could tell from a cursory glance.

Speaking of Robin, they used to have all three Robin miniseries and most of Red Robin, but none of the Robin ongoing. They took down the miniseries, brought one of them back, and Red Robin is either about to disappear or already did, but they seem to be very specifically avoiding putting up the ongoing for some reason. Like, for No Man’s Land, the three missing Azrael issues are more of a lead-in that happened before the main event, but the Robin issues seem to be the only core parts of the event’s story that are missing (I didn’t check for each issue, though, so I may have missed something else that’s not there). Anybody know what’s up with that?

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I was wondering about this type of thing confusing people; when I was a kid you could only get what was out in a comic store, and if you missed it, oh well. Now with digital comics, there’s stuff from all different eras, but navigating the timing can be super confusing. Especially when they reuse titles with different numbering. No idea what slipperiness DCuni is up to with the Robin stuff.

There are so many comic books on here now that it can be hard to not start dozens of arcs. I have dived into this too. Batman is my number one, and I really liked The Dark Knight Rises a lot which was partly based on this arc.