No Justice is better

Alright, so I wrote a fairly scathing post on my displeasure with Metal. It’s just awful.

But No Justice (one of the follow ups) is a bit better. I’m only half way through, but the plot seems to actually make some sense.

There’s still problems. Stuff like, “I’m a super genius, and you’ll all do whatever I say.” That particular plot device is over used all over modern DC.

But on the whole, it’s been fun to read.


No Justice is better I agree Starro was my favorite part. I bought the first vol. gosh ah… whenever it came out and I liked it. haven’t gotten around to buying the rest yet. On the to-do list

No Justice is great! Now, to be fair, I liked Metal. But I do think that NJ is better.

I loved No Justice! And Scott Snyder’s run Justice League is also great so far.

I enjoyed No Justice a little more than Metal myself. I like the Dark Multiverse aspect. It just seems like Batman would always end up taking over in the Dark Multiverse though.