No flying in TITAN?

Why do none of the flyers such as Donna or Kory fly? It has to be a thing, they reference Superman.


In the Titans (2016) Comic Book, Donna has never flown, nor possessed the golden lasso. She has super strength. Her weapons are braclets, sword and shield.

Kori has always flown.

We just saw Raven fly.

It might be an expense issue. Kori is strong, fast healing, absorbing solar energy and emiting it in the form of intense heat. Producer may think that is enough or thinking that giving her flying or making her more invulnerable might imbalance the team, most of whom do not have super powers.


There’s no way they have flying money.

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I’m a fan from wwaaayyyy back. Wondergirl did ride air currents in the early stories. Since the New 52 not sure if she ever flew, but I hate the New 52 reboot.

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