No 2016 comics?

Sad to see Batman and Nightwing 2016 comics aren’t here. Would love to read those, would be definitely worth the monthly amount aside from Titans and movies.

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The existing comic collection on DC Universe is worth the amount aside from Titans IMO. They still want people going out and buying modern comics, and as a fan of the medium I do too. We’re getting access to hundreds of comics each month for the price of two comics, seems like good deal to me.


So what should I read, in your suggesting? I am 200% new. I’d love to read and get my money worth though.

I recommend reading the Long Halloween, @Xehanort!


The comic section is a bit of a work in progress. 2500 comics are available sure, but there are so many incomplete series/arcs that it can get frustrating quick.

Here’s a tip -

  1. Go to the Comic Books section and click Browse All.
  2. Pick a series that has more than 1 issue and try it out.

The Long Halloween is good and is available for a limited time.
Nightwing 1996 was pretty cool and has a full arc.
Both Batman 2011 and Aquaman 2011 are great. The arcs are not complete but they’re still a cool read.

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It would be a good deal if I could read more than one issue or an entire arc in something other than Titans / teen titans. This isn’t DC universe it’s Titans universe.

Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death is 2016.