Nightwing's Theme Song?

Okay, if Nightwing got his own series (animated or live action doesn’t matter) and got a 30 second to a minute for a title sequence what would his theme song be? Does it have lyrics? Is it an instrumental? What does is sound like - the genre? Is it a real song? A cover? If so what? And feel free to add your ideas on visuals if you’re so inclined.

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I think it should be instrumental. Something that could standup with the Superman and Batman movie themes. To me, the most iconic themes have a few simple cords that immediately resonate with the audience. The Harry Potter theme does this as well.

I’m not a huge music person, so I don’t think I can tell you what it should sound like, just the emotions and mood I would want it to capture. Shadows with bright hope and energetic/acrobatic heroics, something that balances the seriousness of skilled street fighting and saving lives with corny quips and flashing smile. Perhaps a call back to another time or place, reminiscent of the circus heyday or Romani roots, but not overwhelming… This all sounds like a lot, but it’s amazing what music can do!

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I like that a lot

See, when I think of theme songs I automatically think of the Charmed there song and well I can totally see Dick bumping to that. And considering Dick is a bit of a hopeless romantic I think the lyrics fit quite well, “I am human and I need to be loved just like everybody else does”. I can totally seeing that being the vibe.

But @c02goddess.16092 yours is better.

He had a musical leitmotif in The New Batman Adventures, as I recall.

HE DID?!! I don’t remember that…

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I’m pretty sure he had a recurring little theme. Most of the characters did.

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I’m gonna have to check into that.

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As a proud Alto Saxophone player, I personally would to see more theme songs with emphasis on the saxophone.

Several YouTube vids have this as being Nightwing’s theme from BTAS.

I saw one comment that said:

I like how it has a bit of Batman’s theme in there, and then goes off in a completely different direction, just like the character.

Which I love…

Even with the epic 90s cartoon vibe to it, I think it fits him perfectly.


OMFG I LOVE THISSSSSSS! And a Circus theme would fit so well to it like @c02goddess.16092 said!!! And yeah it definitely gives BTAS series vibes and then goes off in a totally different direction.

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