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Ricci Grayson aka RICHARD!

Ric is to be cherished <3

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the boys are here

Richard Dick Grayson :sunglasses:


Nightwing animated series or a movie


Okay, I didn’t know there was a meeting before this. I prefer Starfire honestly. IDK, I just find Babs to be the high school sweetheart, first love type of relationship while I see him settling with Kory. Is it Kory or Kori cuz I’ve seen it both ways?
Court of Owls seems to have become a better fit for him than Batman which I like. Blockbuster and Deathstroke are also good candidates. With the history between him and Two-Face I’m surprised we don’t see more of that. But, after Arkham Knight I have found that love the dynamic between him and Penguin more than anybody else! I think they would make great nemesis! GOAT level!
As for animated series or (I’m assuming animated) movie IDK. I would love both! But if I have to choose I would have to choose series because it would last longer. But he 100% deserves both!

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I 100% agree how can u have a charector so popular with people and keep putting him to the side


Right! Every time we see him (with the exception of YJ) it’s in a fucking Batman movie where he’s treated as like a side character and they use him to put over the likes of Damian and show off how “badass” Batman is by having him needing to be saved when he’s so much more than that! They’re so afraid of Batman being surpassed that they continue to downplay everyone in the Batfamily, Dick more than anybody cuz everyone knows he would be the one to do it!


Different support an animated series to show off the character thinking a the it’s seasons n should be based off of Chuck Dixon run where Nightwing set up in bludhaven and going against blockbuster. Only negative to this that kory couldnt be in since she be too OP. But thankfully ngithwing has no shortage of lady’s . We could have a love triangle with huntress and Batgirl.

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I’m sorry, Huntress and who? The Dixon run was a little before Cass’s time.

Continues being in denial about Flashpoint

I’d love a series based on Chuck Dixon’s run, although I could do without the love triangles. Also, I think you mean Oracle (Barbara Gordon) for that era.

Yeah Oracle that who I ment and just to complete it have the animation be in the vine of Scott McDaniel.

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