Not thrilled with current story line. I was excited a few issues ago when Babs set Dick up with the mobile base truck. I miss Nightwing using gadgets more. In addition to the escrima sticks, I enjoyed when he would use the combat disk, various gas and flash pellots, and wrist rockets. I would enjoy seeing him using his skills with cool gadgets. Hoping the current story arc (Ric Grayson) wraps up soon and we get back to good Dick Grayson/Nightwing stories.


Nightwing stopped being good when Seeley left. I’m hoping the stars align soon where a good writer gets the character at the same time editorial has room for the character to grow and breathe. He’s the best character they have but everytime there’s an event his book halts.

I thought the Humphries story with The Judge was great but yeah it was all downhill after that. I really miss Seely.

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The story and action and villain were good in that arc, but I didn’t like his voice for Dick

I still don’t get where his utility belt is…

As long as DiDio runs DC Nightwing will never get a break. He is on record as wanting the character dead. The Book was at it’s best when Chuck Dixon was writing it and that is who they need to return control to.


Yeah, Ric Grayson is lame. The cop team up is dumb. Idk, maybe someone likes it.

Seriously, I can’t believe someone ok’d this arc…

The only issue I’ve read so far after Dick got shot is #50 but I didn’t not like the new direction they’re going with him. Is anybody else getting a male Jessica Jones vibe?

It’s dumb. Dick, I mean Ric, is a drunk amnesiac. 4 cops find his old suits and try to be him. It’s a joke. Just go back to Grayson please… smh

Interesting short term concept but not enjoying the execution. Plus, the art isn’t BAD but I’m not enjoying it as a Nightwing book. “Ric” just doesn’t quite look right to me. Plus I really dont like how quick everyone seems to have given up/left him alone. And by everyone I mean, what two people approached him?
Overall this storyline is rubbing me the wrong way, especially since it happens at the same time as the death of Wally and Roy, and the status quo change with Jason.