Nightwing Video Game

With the success of the Spider-Man game I think an open world Nightwing game set in Blüdhaven would do really well. Obviously I don’t want to see a copy cat game but with games like Spider-Man, assassin’s creed, etc. I think they could easily make a very intriguing, successful game based on good ol Grayson. Maybe do like a little character buildup. For the movement training, start with his days in the circus as a young Dick. After that’s completed move on to a short version of his robin days to learn the basic fighting/weapon commands. Finally, Nightwing is unleashed to be the protector of The Blüd. I would love it, and you have cameos from the other Robin’s, Wally, other bat characters, Starfire and so on. Any thoughts?


Good idea but a robin game with co-op including dick,Jason,Tim,Damion and spoiler

I like the robin Idea but what if you had to evolve your character from robin to nightwing from robin to red hood from robin to Red Robin or from Damian to robin? Along with a mix of spider man and the Arkham games.

Oh and has anyone seen if not google image for arachman it is Spider-Man in another reality but more like Peter Parker Batman only arachnid.cape hood. Etc.

sorry its arachknight

this I think is link

Yes please

This is a really cool idea!

I’d play the heck out of this game!! :slight_smile:

That’s lit. Bludhaven is awesome