nightwing rebirth

Is nightwing rebirth worth putting time and money into? reviews in the comments are appreciated.

I dropped it after 12 issues. The second arc felt like a 12 year old girl’s fan fiction. I’ve heard that it’s gotten better since Seeley stopped writing.

I’ve had a subscription since the beginning. Since Nightwing is my favorite superhero I’ll try to stay unbiased. Honestly, it’s a good book, for the most part. Everything has flaws after all. The first volume was great, introducing a new villain that was tied to Nightwing’s past and potentially holding a secret about Dick’s mother. The second volume is meh. Going back to Blüdhaven is the only good thing about it. The book gets distracted from Nightwing to these other characters and it’s a little out of place. Volume two is a pass, as the characters haven’t been in the book for a while. Volume 3 is a better story. Yes there’s a story of some side characters, but it’s also a reunion of the Nightwing and Damian team-up. It’s a return of them fighting Pyg and his Dollotrons, along with the introduction of Deathwing in the series. He hasn’t returned since still, but if you like Dick and Damian teaming up then I’d get it. Volume 4 also has the side characters. The only notable thing is Nightwing going against Blockbuster again. It’s cool, but like I said there’s still side characters. Depending how you enjoy Volume 3, if you like it, then you can pass your own judgement on buying it. Volume 5 is the return of Raptor. He’s still trying to get Dick on his side, and he isn’t happy about the last time they met. The main bad guy from Spyral shows up again too, but it’s nothing of note. Side characters, unfortunately, are still around at this time. Volume 6 is the start of something new. There’s this new villain in Blüdhaven and he uses the story of an urban legend to cover his crimes. He goes after casinos. He’s also tied to Dick’s past as Robin, and later on as Dick Grayson too. So now this is the third time that he’s entered Nightwing’s life. There’s some callbacks too to the Nightwing character, so Volume 6 is highly recommended. Volume 7 is the most recent, where the Dark Web is involved in Blüdhaven. It’s also a recommend, especially if you like Nightwing and Batgirl teaming up

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