Nightwing Movie?

I have heard rumors and talks about someone making a Nightwing movie. I was just wondering if someone can confirm this and share what they know. Also do you want to see play Nightwing? I’m not sure yet for myself because this role has never been played before in the past live action.


It may technically still be in the works, but it’s also been nearly 2 years since we last heard anything resembling an update, so it’s definitely not gonna be happening in the next few years at least


ohhhhh gotcha but I hope they pull it off it just probably won’t go with any of the Synder films. Only because I heard he killed of Grayson.

There was a Nightwing movie but it got cancelled along with everything else when DCEU bombed.
Chris McKay was supposed to direct. The LEGO movie guy. Wasn’t very promising for me as I hate those movies. I don’t find stupidity funny. McKay’s Twitter account you can find more on what he was trying to do. I can’t really remember much. There was a poll on what was more important in the casting, something about looking back at his time as Robin, pretty much an excuse to use Batman, etc.
Personally, I’m partial to whoever can actually act, and whoever is extremely good looking for the part. After watching The Kissing Booth recently I wouldn’t mind seeing Jacob Elordi play Nightwing.

I’ve heard rumors of this for years! As far casting, I think you gotta with an unknown. No connotations to go with the actor. Clean slate!

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