Nightwing film should tell the stories of all the Robins🎬

Trust that’s truly what the fans want📽

Trust me - we don’t – Nightwing deserves his own movie!!! As does Jason Todd. Tim Drake should be introduced in a Titans movie & Damien should be in a Batman Movie.


I could see a league of shadows spinoff movie, starring Ras and Talia. Introducing damien

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No, don’t speak for “the fans”. Nightwing fans want a Nightwing movie, adding other Robins for more than cameos takes away from Nightwing and his story. It should be like the 1996 comic which I just finished reading on this site, starting with Dick having issues with Bruce and leaving, becoming Nightwing, and taking down Blockbuster and becoming a hero in his own right. That can be such a great movie, especially if they explore his relationship with Barbara just a little bit, include his meeting of Jason Todd during Todd’s gauntlet, and resolve his issues with Bats a little bit towards the end of the movie. Could be a great stand alone.


Each Robin deserves their own movie and then maybe a team up movie. Heck if anything I think there should be a series with all the Robins/Batfam. I’m kind of a little disappointed that the first (and so far only) animated movie with the 4 Robins was Batman Ninja (I would have rather seen them in the current DC Animated Universe animation style).

Titan28- you’re totally right. Maybe we skip the disco-wing costume but all for the rest of it