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you should. it’d give me the motivation to read more of the chuck dixon run lol

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stands by the fence holding the cattle in, his hand on his chin as he thinks, deeply

If I did…would you actually discuss Dixon’s run? 'Cuz…once the cattle are out, they’re out. I’m too lazy to corral 'em back into the pen, you see.

anticipates BTD saying “Cattle? The hell is this guy talking about?” to themselves

I mean, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that, because I did and I wrote the damn thing. :laughing:

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wth did i just read :rofl:
the fact that i understood it is mildly concerning to me.
also, hell yeah. let the damn cattle out.

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spits his thinking thistle into a nearby empty field, which is where said thistle was found to begin with

In the immortal words of Ace Ventura, “Allllrighty, then!”

turns and opens the cattle pen, saying “Go on! Git! Go mosey o’er yonder, now!” as the cattle gently make their way out of the pen and into the green expanse before them

Well pard, there ya go. Deed’s done and I’m going to grab a Dr. Pepper, now. :cowboy_hat_face:

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you earned it

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Chewin’ on that dang thistle sure dryed my mouth out. I ain’t doin’ it that again, let me tell you.

flicks his Cowboy Mode switch off

Ah, back to normal. :partying_face:

sips Dr. Pepper

Ah, delicious! :yum:

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Ok, so tonight I read the first 5 issues in Dixon’s Nightwing run. I like it so far, and I’m a big fan of the art style. I don’t think I have anything to say about the story at this point, aside from the fact that my favorite parts have been when Tim was mentioned, and then shown-
Screenshot 2022-09-23 12.02.49 AM

Screenshot 2022-09-23 12.37.20 AM
I don’t think I’ll get through the whole series in 4 days this time, but if I can keep up a good pace I should be able to finish in two or three weeks. I will continue discussing my thoughts in this thread, when I have something interesting to say.


Look, I got chips riding in Vegas that you do get through it in 4 days, so don’t let me down, pard. :cowboy_hat_face:

I’m kidding, of course.

I’m not the gambler type…clearly.

looks in the mirror

I don’t even look like Kenny Rogers, so…

BTD says “Who the hell is Kenny Rogers?”

Guy that owned a chicken joint in the '90s (Kenny Roger’s Roasters, which is still open in international territories), which was the inspiration for a classic episode of Seinfeld.

Oh, and I guess he sung some songs, too.

:notes: “You’ve got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em…” :notes:

assures any wondering that he does, in fact, absolutely know who Kenny Rogers is and is very aware of his career/legacy

For the esteemed members of the Six Months Later Club™, you can check out the latest issue of Nightwing to land in the DCUI library right here:

Likewise. Who knew Batman kept lollipops in his utility belt?

Fun Fact: All utility belts of worth carry lollipops (especially Blow Pops, and especially Sour Apple Blow Pops).

I was surprised to see Nightwing in his New 52 togs in the flashback. I’ve always liked that suit, and I think red suits him well.

BTW @c02goddess.16092, :sparkles: Happy DCUIversary :sparkles:! :partying_face: :0_nightwing:

Sa-lute! :beers:

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bold of you to assume that i don’t have the gambler and islands in the stream on my playlist.

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You do? If so…

readies a tray of Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Family Feast

…you’ll earn a free lunch.

Also, check this out:

I like it, and by extension, so too would Nightwing.

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I’m hanging out with my aunt and uncle and cousin rn but I’ll for sure watch it in a bit

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Thanks! I didn’t notice before all the nice posts. :slight_smile:

I was surprised by the red suit also… I thought Jon came into contact with everyone during Rebirth. I’ll always prefer the blue with arm and finger stripes (yay for issue 88!), but the red does look striking. It just seems too angry/aggressive for Dick. Perhaps I’m channeling lantern color interpretation, but I like the hopeful blue.

As for issue 90 (and 91), I love Dick’s friendship with Wally. I do wish we saw a bit more of the reaction to Dick missing, like from a tv broadcast in the background or something.

Oh! It just occurred to me, but I want to see Dick teasing Wally about starring in a romance novel with Fabio hair. (Flash annual 2022 has Linda’s book)


Surprised how much this series gets slammed on Twitter. :thinking: i think its mostly Nightfire fans. I swear the speech/stay together a moment of NightOracle was ripped off or based on the speech Selina gave bruce in Batman 85. Can’t wait to see where they are going.


The best use of the comics code authority ever drawn…love how all blockbusters people quit but especially Electrocutioner!

cant wait to see what happens next.


I’ve heard twitter threats started flying at the creators. At times I’m really glad I don’t have an account, sheesh. If true, that’s so sad and messed up.

As for the rest I hope this relationship has a happier/more promising future!


ya, I have seen some fans proud they got blocked by Taylor. Some are Dick/Kori Fans. Some don’t like the slow burn Taylor is known for…Honestly, I wonder if some even read the issues.

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Are you implying that people would complain about comics online, while not actually reading the comics they’re complaining about?

No! I won’t buy that. I don’t think people would do that on the Internet.

Much. :wink:

Likewise! :raised_hands:t2:

SN: Flash Annual '22 was good. Heck, The Flash since the beginning of Infinite Frontier has been :kissing: :pinched_fingers:t2:, and then some.


:exploding_head: I just realized something Blockbuster is dead…Bludhavens crime families are massively weakened…The five families are sharpening their blades and war is coming to Haven!


Nightwing #96 was another home-run, and we’ve only one week to go until #97 comes out on Tuesday, the 18th!

What are your hopes and thoughts for the latest issue in the grand and wonderful magnum opus of comic book ass-kickery that is Tom Taylor’s Nightwing?


I want the next story arc to be finished in a reasonable amount of time.

But seriously, I’d like Nightwing to deepen his roots in Haven. Maybe see more of the charity events his org is putting on, see Dick Greyson in action as a man about town with Babs. See how he is pushing for change outside of the cowl.

As much as I love stakes, I don’t want Heartless to murder anyone else. These things have a tendency not to stick.

I have a feeling there is going to be a fight to fill the power vacuum left behind by Blockbuster’s death. It would be cool to have an issue fleshing out some key gang players who Heartless will most likely but heads against. Maybe bring in some cop characters that are gonna be working under Maggie Sawyer.

There really is so much potential to where this series could go. So long as it isn’t derailed time and time again.