Nightwing Animated Film

With all the new exclusive content we’ve been getting I’m wondering when we’ll start getting exclusive animated films. One film I’ve been dying to get for what seems like forever is a Nightwing animated film! Now, in the past when I’ve seen this topic posed there would be questions of villains, story, etc. Well, I’m here to talk about the possibilities.

When it comes to animation it looks like Phil has it covered as he does the designs for it all. I’m fine with this. As for design, Nightwing should be in his suit from Teen Titans: Judas Contract movie. A blue version of it would be even better (no idea why they switched him to red for that film)!

Nightwing has a plethora of foes and villains to choose from. But, he doesn’t really have a nemesis like that of Batman vs Joker or Superman vs Lex Luthor, etc. What he does have is something unseen in any character I’ve come across: He seems to piss off all villains. They may not be scared of him like they are Batman but, he surely gets under their skin. That’s why any one of them would make a good candidate but, here are what seems to be some of the best choices.
5) Two-Face, in Dick’s earliest mission as Robin Two-Face brutally beat him with a baseball bat and has taunted him with this ever since. Never getting that close to death, likely because of this moment, the two of them would always seem to be in a mental game of chess getting under each other’s skin.
4) The Penguin, if you’ve ever played Arkham Knight, GCPD Lockdown in particular, I’m sure you can guess why he’s on this list. Nightwing truly seems to enjoy tormenting Cobblepot as he’s messing with his operations. The two have a chemistry together that’s entertaining to watch. I will never get over:
-“Sorry, boss. It doesn’t look like we’re gettin’ ya outta there anytime soon.”
-“Why the bloody hell not?”
-“Cos we just got our asses kicked!”
3) The Court of Owls & Raptor, while the court could easily occupy a film on their own adding Raptor just makes it all the more thrilling because Raptor knew Dick’s parents, while the court is something Dick was meant to become as Haly’s Circus provided young talent to become their assassins,
2) Blockbuster, the two of them have a long, extensive history from Chuck Dixon’s popular run in the late '90s. Each always trying to outsmart the other and take control over the city.

  1. Deathstroke, who can’t forget the infamous Judas Contract or their tussle throughout the Teen Titans animates series, and their history doesn’t end there as Nightwing trained his daughter, Rose Wilson.
    Personally, I vote for Penguin but, hey… beggars can’t be choosers I guess as I rarely get what I want.

Nightwing has many great stories to adapt to film, Robin: Year One, Nightwing: Year One, Bludhaven, The Great Leap, and Traps & Trapeezes, and more. It wouldn’t be misguided to do any of these stories. But, for Nightwing’s first film I think it would really be wise to do something to prove he’s more than just a Batman sidekick. A lot of his stories have all been sort of coming of age stories and this shouldn’t be any different.
It could explore Dick’s departure from Batman, I personally favor the BTAS version where he quits and knocks Batman on his ass but… not for the same reason the show gave. Then, show the journey of becoming Nightwing only to have to take a leave from the Titans and head back to Gotham for the first time since and do Batman’s job for him taking out the likes of Two-Face, Penguin, Scarecrow, and maybe a few other villains along the way.
There are other options and ways a Nightwing animated film could play out but, this was just my​ favorite.


Superb ideas, @A1waysAJ! Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:


No problem!

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Love the idea that would be an amazing film but I wasn’t to crazy about how nightwing looked in the Judas Contract I would prefer how he looked in under the red hood.


That was an amazing suit too! I love that one!

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Great ideas but I would push back on doing another coming of age story for the former Boy Wonder and just go full throttle into his corner of the DCU with allusions over the movie to his past at Haly’s and in Gotham. Grayson trying to come out from under the Bat’s shadow has been done to death IMO and it’s well past time to allow Nightwing stories outside of the comics to be about more than his rivalry and resentment of the Bat.

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That’s actually true… it has been done to death. It only comes to mind for me cuz well, we never got a movie of it and I wanted a reason to use Penguin cuz I love the dynamic between the two of them. Other than that, I would rather just have it that way as well. And it’s​ WELL past time that DC stop treating him like a sidekick as they always seem to somehow do. You make a really good point.