Nightwing and Zatanna

I wish that season 3 focused on the main OG squad and that Nightwing and Zatanna were still together. I like their relationship and think it would be cool for Nightwing to learn basic magic from her.


Also, pull Wally from the speedforce already. Artemis has suffered enough.


I’m a fan of Dick and Kory (Starfire) so while I’m not feeling him and Barbara right now, and thought he and Zatanna were cute in season 1, I don’t think they’ll get back together.

But the only ship I really love from YJ is spitfire- please bring Wally back!


I’m not really feeling it either, Dick and Barb feel really forced in S3 to me rn

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I would like for Nightwing to learn magic from Zatanna. I would also like for them to date again because they were a cute couple.

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The Dick and Zatanna thing felt really weird to me, especially since I see her as a contemporary of (and better romantic interest for) Batman.

I’m not surprised they’re not together, it feels like a brief high school romance where they were right for each other at the time. They were cute in season 1 but then they grew up and are good friends. They have a shared history so they’re close, but aren’t the people they were at 14.

They represent the first love that’s cute but not the great love of your life. The show has done a good job showing many different relationship types.

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