Nightwing #50

Did you like Nightwing #50 or are you against it?

If I hated it anymore I’d be a Red Lantern.

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Super hate it!

I liked it. New 52 put him through the ringer and this is another part of his life he has to overcome. We will see on the 17th what the change really means for him going forward.

It has potential – Dick’s need for independence and ability to move away from trauma is often considered some of his greatest strengths, so putting him in a situation where it turns into a weakness is an interesting thing to explore. I just hope Lobdell does a good job in picking this up.

Interesting start to this arc. Taking a wait and see approach to these changes in the character. Hope they are not permanent.

@Jay_Kay That’s an interesting perspective on the story that I hadn’t considered. Thanks! Although, I hope keeping him isolated and angst ridden is short lived.