Nightwing #50 and On

Catching up with Nightwing. I stopped reading before issue #50 came out. The events of him being shot in the head, just to refresh yalls minds.:nerd_face:

Knight Terror is the name of the story. Finished it up and I enjoyed it!! Cops taking over as Nightwing. Dick…or sorry…Ric Grayson wanting to start fresh, but the memories of Dick Grayson/Nightwing got a hold on him.

Anyone else read this story?

It wasn’t the complete trainwreck that I was expecting but I was eager for the story to be over. The storyline actually gets much better once Dan Jurgens comes on the title. I don’t know if that was always the plan or it was Jurgens idea, but the aspects he introduced completely redeemed the story (won’t spoil them since you’re not there yet) The last few issues for Joker War have been the best of the “Ric” storyline.

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I just recently got back into Nightwing, the newest issues. But decided also to back track where I left off. Definitely gonna get to the talon story.

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Sometimes it takes a storyline to be over to really be able to appreciate it, like with the Grayson title. I thought that was a terrible idea and never gave it a chance. I went back and read it later on after it was over and I loved it.

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I should probably go back and re-read Grayson. I got most of the series, stopped at issue #16