Why is there no Nightforce in here on the site


Bad news it was but it was taken off, one that I didn’t get around to reading and am now kicking myself for. Word is they removed a bunch of titles that weren’t being read much, then started adding a bunch of stuff, for now theyll only add titles not remove any.

I hope they add it back. I downloaded it to my phone, but then I had to get a new phone. So I lost my chance

I’ll make note of your wanting to see it added, @brigadierfl.28260; please let us know if you’re interested in other titles, as well!

I’m sorry about what happened to you, @RobertDeBeero and @harley.333 :confused: Thank you, too, for making us aware of your experience with what happened.

No apologies necessary missinkblot. I only didn’t read them because I was reading a thousand different things.

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