NFT Voucher Codes


Can you please help to provide an update on the NFT voucher code status?

I signed up via the instructions - however, had an issue with my account that required password updating. Palm is clearly overwhelmed with how many users it is managing since both my email verification and password reset emails have sent 24 hours after request/ were made.

3 days later I’m ready to redeem my NFT… but still have received no voucher to do so…

Please help :slight_smile: (and was this process intended to take an entire week to complete?)


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I signed up for Fandome many weeks ago and haven’t received my voucher either. Although my understanding is the emails are slowly going out in batches, so I’m hoping mine is still coming?

I can’t figure out how to sign up for the event. I go to the website, log in, and there’s no prompts or anything.

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I think if you log in that’s the same as signing up? Otherwise you have to make a new account. But maybe I’m wrong.

If that’s it, then they never sent me the NFTs.

Got them earlier. Thank you.

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I got mine today, too!

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have you heard anything about your voucher yet? im in the exact same situation as you

Glad to see some others are in the same boat as me. It gives me some hope my voucher might eventually arrive.

The Palm FAQ says it may take “up to 2 days” for the vouchers to be sent out to your email after you sign up for FanDome. I’m at over a week and still nothing. Here’s hoping they’re just a bit overwhelmed and will get to everybody eventually.

@HeroMan @vellum1991.31202 We’re happy to have you here! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear you are still waiting on your NFT voucher codes, but you should still be receiving them. We greatly appreciate your patience!