NFT Questions

I don’t know if there is a better place to ask this, but if we already redeemed NFT, is there a way to access it without going back into the queue?

As for the NFT, once I redeemed it, it just showed a gif of a comic SIM card-esque object spinning with a description of the comic to the right. Is there supposed to be more to it, like reading the comic?


How did you even get the NFT? I’ve been trying to sign up for it since they were first announced, and after logging into DC Universe and DC Fandome the trail always goes cold.


NFTs are sent out in batches as we have a huge amount of sign ups for FanDome this year. Keep checking your email!

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Hey Reforged,

What you described (the GIF) is in fact the NFT in itself. It’s a strange concept, but you essentially own a copy of that image. There’s not a bonus comic or anything of that nature for you to read.


Hey Alec, I’m having a lot of confusion even knowing the process. I have been a member of DC Universe since the beginning, and every time I try to sign up for a Fandome account it just signs me in to DC Universe. When I try to create an account on the NFT site it says it can’t do that right now. Also, there is supposed to be a second one for sharing on social media. Sharing what?
Thanks for any help! I really want these.


To get the second, you have to share the first on social media.

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