Next Week on DC Daily - 9/02-9/06


Next week, DC Daily is kicking off our celebration of DC Universe’s first year of existence with all the Originals love you could muster! We talk greatest moments from each series with guest stars and creators, and we ask them YOUR questions!

Please note: DC Daily will be off the air for Labor Day (in which the whole crew will most likely be binging Titans).

MON (9/2): Off For Labor Day!
TUES (9/3): Swamp Thing Celebration w/ Ian Ziering
WED (9/4): Food Patrol w/ April Bowlby & Adam Gertler
THURS (9/5): Young Justice Celebration w/ Brandon Vietti, Greg Weisman, and Zehra Fazal
FRI (9/6): Titans Celebration w/ Curran Walters

We can’t wait to kick off our reflections of the past - and hopes for the future - all week long with you!


Sounds like an awesome week. Can’t wait.

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Oooh, a Swamp Thing celebration, eh? Hector should bring some Kenner Swamp Thing coffee table decor he should.

Sounds like a titan of a week of new content team!

PSA: the preceding Titans references were USDA approved.

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Really looking forward to all of this!

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Really looking forward to all of this!

Must watch Wednesday!


I really, really, really hope my question is asked!

What a fun week.

And this is just the beginning of the Anniversary Antics!

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