Next Week on DC Daily - 8.26-8.30

Put your hands together for another action-packed week of episodes coming at you this week! From the vintage riot of Aquaman ‘67 and a little cheeky dose of the same from DC Spotlight: Shazam!, along with the discussion of those recent heart-wrenching moments form YJ:O and a lil’ play-through of Cryptozoic’s DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth, DC Daily has truly got you covered:

MON (8/26): Aquaman '67
TUES (8/27): Young Justice S3E23
WED (8/28): DC Spotlight: Shazam!
THURS (8/29): DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth
FRI (8/30): Young Justice Season Finale Recap

Mark your calendars and grab some popcorn, because we’ve got some watchin’ to do! :sunglasses::popcorn:


I’m excited to see what the Aquaman discussion entails.

A Ted Knight reference is a must! looks to Samm and Hector Show us the way, guys!

Looking forward to the Rebirth demonstration! That game is so much fun. I’m going through the campaign mode with 3 other players. We meet once a week to do one scenario.

I’m playing Wonder Woman. My friends are Batman, Aquaman, and Flash.