Next Week on DC Daily, 11/11: Fun Never Stops

Hey, everybody!

The fun never stops over on DC Daily and this coming week is no exception! From Comic Book and Movie Club discussions to a special Year of the Villain episode, you aren’t going to want to miss DC Daily next week.

MON (11/11): Birds of Prey Ep 5 - “Sins of the Mother”
TUES (11/12): JLA: Rock of the Ages Comic Book Club
WED (11/13): Superman IV Movie Club
THURS (11/14): Titans Ep 10 - “Fallen”
FRI (11/15): Year of the Villain Special

Which episode has you ready to party it up? Tell us BELOW in the COMMENTS!


I am looking forward to hearing the DC Daily crews thoughts on Sins of the Mother since they talk about all the liberties it took with the comics, but that episode is one of the more heavily comic inspired among them.


Both the BOP discussion (they previous ones have been fab.)

And the final installment of the Superman movie club. Each of those has gotten me to watch them again, via the service. III is a fun story. It kinda has this silver age “weird Kryptonit effect” and it shows the comedic genius of Richard Pryor and the little remembered fact that he really could do “clean” comedy on par with his “bluer” material.


That Titans episode tho…

“The fun never stops on Selina Kyle’s answering machine.”

They all sound like fun, but I’m especially jazzed for the Rock of Ages discussion. It’s absolutely my favorite arc from my favorite run from my all-time favorite Justice League ongoing series.

The SMC will be fun. Given that they gave III a respectful overview, I’m expecting the same for IV. In all honesty, I feel IV gets way too much hate, as there are many more truly awful comic based movies than one that is about worldwide nuclear weapon disarmament (which is an interesting topic for any movie, especially a Superman flick). Plus, Superman IV marked the DC movie debut of actor William Hootkins (Jek Porkins in Star Wars, the “Top…men.” guy in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Detective Eckhardt in Batman).

The Year of the Villain Special sounds intriguing. I’m curious what that will entail.

I’m glad that DC Daily continually highlights what’s going in the current publishing ecosphere. Not only is it good marketing to get people to buy comics (which the Publishing Department surely likes), but it’s also just really cool to see brand new comics be discussed on TV.


cant wait to hear what everyone thought about episode 10 of titans, that shank to the throat outta nowhere:joker_hv_3:

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Villain of the year!FB_IMG_1572682913496


Hey @Vroom, have you ever visited ? Right now they’re doing a poll for the worst Superman film and right now Superman 4 is in the lead by 204 votes!
But as you said maybe the film got a bit to much hate. In my opinion Superman 4 was one of the worst film, but Batman & Robin was ALOT much more worst then Superman 4! The only thing I don’t like about Superman 4, is that kid Jeremy! Nuclear man was ok. But it was great to see Lex again!

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@Lincolnfan78 I have been to, many times, in fact. It’s a fun place to hang a Superman hat upon.

Superman IV is still better than Superman and The Mole Men. I mean no offense to Lippert Pictures, Incorporated (the distributor of Superman and The Mole Men), but it is true.

Jeremy was played by Damian McLawhorn. It seems that Super Sons was not, in fact, the first time a Damian would come to be involved in a Superman tale afterall.

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