Next Week on DC Daily, 10/28-11/1: DC Daily Gets Spooky

Hello, boils and ghouls!

Prepare yourselves for a bone-chilling series of thrills and chills as DC Daily descends into the darkness of… HALLOWEEN! :ghost::jack_o_lantern::candle::candy::bat::smiling_imp::bone::clown_face:

MON 10/28: Birds of Prey Ep 3 - “Prey for the Hunter”
TUES 10/29: The Dark Knight Returns Gallery Edition
WED 10/30: The Batman vs. Dracula
THURS 10/31: A Very DC Daily Halloween
FRI 11/1: Titans S2E8

Are you ready to face the maze of terrors that is sure await you around every corner? Which door will you be opening? :door: Let us know in the comments below…IF YOU DARE! :vampire:


Really looking forward to the costumes this year!


holy moly it’s been a year already :flash_hv_4:

willing to wager Samm goes Christian Bale Batman this time … so that’s what that feels like


Looking forward the Daily crew’s treatment of Batman vs Dracula. I may have to watch it in advance…

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Can’t wait to see everything that is going on!

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Sounds very Spooktacular

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I’m hoping somebody comes a bowl of toitle soup


Can’t wait to see all the interesting costumes this year and looking forward to seeing all the crazy antics this week

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We are really excited for this week, last year was a blast!

Congradulations first on the second Halloween episode, hard to believe it’s been a year since DCU last celebrating Halloween.

Also love that DC Daily is seemingly going to do the entire run of Birds of Prey. Hope other shows on DC Daily besides the original shows and Krypton will get this treatment in the future.