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Special shoutout to Joshua Lapin-Bertone. I always check the News section 1st thing when I log on. Does anyone else also love the articles & easter eggs etc. in that section? Not trying to be a suck up, but there’s no where else I could post about it to let him know. If u enjoy them too, what’s your favorite part? The articles, easter eggs, recommendations etc. or just to say if you’re a fan of it, like me, post & let him know here.


Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy those! They are fun to make. Hard at work on the YJ Easter Eggs now and boy is there a lot of good ones!
What type of stuff would you like to see? I’m always pitching and my editor is very receptive.
Some great articles from Joe, Rosie, Meg and Eric too!


Absolutely on the others articles, I enjoy them all. I’d say easter eggs are my favorite but I love the articles on characters histories etc. too, if I had to pick favorites. I like all of it. Hmm…on stuff I would enjoy besides what’s already on there? Maybe something like an on this day 20yrs ago type deal. I like anniversaries of DC related events. Like 1st appearances, or movie, shows, comic debuts etc. Honestly I’m content with how u handle it, but if I had to pick something that would be cool on major event type anniversaries.


I’ve watched Bold & Brave more then any other animated series & I noticed an easter egg last night I’d never caught, & I’ve seen every episode in the 30-40xs range. Plastic Man gets wrapped around a street sign & the streets name is Haney. That’s why I love DC. Even after beyond multiple viewings, there’s always new things waiting to be discovered.

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I love the news articles. I specifically love that they are well-written and relatively quick to read. I always check out the news articles.


I didn’t realize all the others who wrote the articles too. The 1st articles I read were by Joshua & I guess I always assumed they were all his department. I went back & looked & never realized they were different people writing them. So a shoutout to all the news article writers. All of u do a great job. I thoroughly enjoy reading all of them, & all the info u guys & girls provide. Very interesting to me as I love facts & origins etc.


Awesome article on YJ easter eggs & 5 must see Glas episodes. I thought I was doing good recognizing the show started out almost exactly like Batman & The Outsiders. It’s awesome to see every event laid out & pinpointed to the yr & issue of the comic along with the artist/writer responsible. Speaking as a trivia & facts lover that’s great reading.

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Greg Weisman did a great job pulling from all over the DCU for these episodes. Doing Easter egg features for YJ is going to be a great adventure!

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Batgirl breakdown was a pleasant read, loved it.

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Why is the image for the Wally West section of the article Who’s Who in Young Justice and image of Bart Allen?

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I just looked up Wally West season 2 YJ & that pic is in there. Then I looked up Bart Allen & the same pic is in there for him? No clear explanation? I know there related but they both are tagged under that pic on google?


Absolute genius article on Brave & Bold. It’s my number #1 toon. Wasn’t it Neil Patrick Harris who created the music meister & voiced him? Also enjoyed the live action version on Supergirl. I’ve watched B&B every episode over 30X’s & I’m being generous, it’s probably in the 40X’s range. Love seeing Jack Kirby’s obscure characters in action. I’ll get to rest of articles, but saw that one & jumped right to it. Been advocating it for years. Nice work. :clap:

Awesome articles by all. I remember watching Conan & him daring Bruce Timm to sneak his alter-ego superhero the “flaming C” into an episode. That would supervene in “Secrets” at the school Halloween dance. The Superman article was helpful, as well as informative, in laying out an order to read the run. It was a grab your pencil affair. I said it b4, but News is always my 1st stop when I log in. I love the content & history, facts, easter eggs etc. Great work guys & girls, or Ladies & Gentlemen. It’s become a routine in my daily life. I applaud all writers & articles.

My favorite song related episode on Brave & Bold was The Mask of Matches Malone. It’s close to my favorite episode period on there. The song is amazing, & you get Huntress, Canary & Catwoman all both in costume & out of costume all dolled up in 1 episode. I could put that song on & listen to it all day.

Thanks DJD! We’re all enjoying the feedback!

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U bet :slight_smile:


Great one on YJ3 recap. Can’t wait for Easter eggs, there was some choice cuts. I’m gonna keep this thread alive lol. Gotta get to other ones yet but never disappointed. I’ve read in comics that Halos Violet hue is the healing spectrum for her but I remember reading one where she was made to bleed & near death. Idk she was immortal as your article said. I can’t remember what did her in b4 but I thought she was a mortal? Maybe I’m thinking of someone else I’ll definitely take your word for it. I know she did damage in blackest night & I believe it was the Aurakles (chk spelling) that gave her alien healing & other powers at some point?

On that Brian Tong episode, he went into the DCU community randomly & I was watching as I was laying down for the night. I had to wiggle up & rewind it cuz I saw 2 tags of people I’ve became friends with on here. It was JLWWSM & TX85. So cool :sunglasses:

Props to Alan & Joseph on the Batman Beyond & YJ articles respectively. Loving the info. I’m a sucker for knowledge, love to get the brain juice.

Perhaps u guys can help me out. Speaking of @Joshua, @Meg, @Rosie, @Alan, @Joseph. In Titans, when Hawk & Dove are in the bar, soon after Don & Dawns mother passed away. There’s a picture on the wall in the background of a cowled face with feminine features. It looks like either Batgirl or Catwoman? I’ve posted all over appropriate threads asking if anyone else saw it & if so did they know who it was supposed to be? I’ve had 0 replies, just a few likes for the question but nobody has offered any info on it. Do u guys/gals know anything about it, that could finally end this mystery that’s been buggin me since I first rewound & stared at it for hours trying to figure out who it is?

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