News Recaps Official or Viewpoint of Writer?

Mods, a recap of Titans episode 1 was posted in News. The recap article included several assertions about character motivations and interpretations of events in the show. Should we view these recaps as official text about the intentions of DC/the show creators or should we read them as just the opinion of one DC Universe staff writer?


Good question. I hope it’s intentional and made to clear some things up

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Bumping this in case mods didn’t see it over the weekend.

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Hi bneyed, great question. They are assertions of the DC Universe staff writer :slight_smile: For opinions and insights to hang your hat on, I would point you towards this article, in which Producer Akiva Goldsman is interviewed.
But I’m wildly curious to know what you thought about the recap writer’s thoughts! Do you have anything to add, or disagree with?

@Applejack I don’t necessarily have any disagreements. The article asserts that when Robin promises to Rachel “they’re going somewhere safe”, he means Hawk and Dove, which isn’t necessarily apparent within the text of the episode, I don’t think. The article asserts that the person attempting to kidnap Rachel is a part of the “shady group that’s hunting her down”; and, in that scene, I wondered whether this is another group, not necessarily related to the man who ends up a “bloodless skin sack”. The article also attributes internal motivations to both Dick and Kory. For Dick, stating that he was “thinking on whether or not to finish the job”. This falls in line with what some people have said, that Batman is a killer in the show, which I don’t think the show has said, yet, and that the F-- Batman line is his way of saying he won’t become a killer. Personally, I think the alley scene and F–Batman line include a lot of layers thematically/motivationally that I hope the show unpacks throughout the season. I didn’t disagree with the writer of the article, but there were several statements that were interpretations that I hadn’t fully committed to, and I’m glad to know they aren’t necessarily what’s intended, but just one thoughtful writer’s opinion. I am really excited to see where all this goes. And I very much enjoyed the recap, as it made me think a little more deeply about certain aspects of the show. I plan to do a rewatch before the next episode drops and evaluate some of those thoughts. In other words, keep the excellent recaps up!