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Thank you to the whole DCU crew that’s responsible for the articles. They’re always a nice easy read, that’s well written and accessible for experts and newbies alike. I just read the Young Justice article, and it was such a nice walk down memory lane. What’s everyone’s favorite DC Universe news article.



(Ugh I was so close to having no typos)

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Thanks for the kind words. I didn’t do the YJ piece, but I do a few of the other articles every week. The goal is to make them accessible for people just starting out, but fun for seasoned readers, so I’m glad you got that impression!
What type of stuff would you like to see? I’m always pitching and my editor is very receptive.


Thank you very much! Glad you like the articles. Happy holidays from DC Universe’s News editor ; )


Thank you for responding to me! Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you, the holidays have been kickin my butt.

I’d love to see articles about the different cities in the DCU. Like the history of Gotham, and how it’s portrayed differently depending on the medium and the creators. Also it would be cool to write super specific articles about lesser known characters.

Keep up all the great work, and happy holidays!

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Yeah I like the articles as well


Thanks TimDrake! I’ll think of some pitchs along those lines.
Glad you like the articles TX85! Which ones have you liked? What type of stuff would you like to see?

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