Newest superhero

Who is DCU’s newest superhero?


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I may be wrong, but I’m fairly certain it’s Liveshot. Real name Zoe Lawton. She’s Deadshot’s daughter, but she’s “Liveshot” because she doesn’t want to kill anyone.

Zoe herself has been around for a some years, but she wasn’t Liveshot until a couple of weeks ago. They might be playing it as a precocious teenager thing, but the writer says he has plans for her.

First appearance, Suicide Squad (2019 Tom Taylor run) #7

I hope that helps.


Maybe Maxixe Aquamarine. Appeared first in Amethyst #3.

Though since Maxixe seems to be not-Maxixe another suggestion could be Phoss from Amethyst #1 but that seems unlikely to be the latest since it was many months ago.

Ah nvm, saw that Suicide Squad #7 2019 was just released and that 2019 was the starting year. Oflittlefaith probably has the correct answer

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But is she Liveshot (like “live and let live”) or Liveshot (like “live wire”)? I mean, the opposite of dead is alive but she’s not Aliveshot.

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Just asked the author, who immediately delivered:



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The newest hero is probably Ghost-Maker. Newest because they haven’t even made there debut yet!

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