New Wildcats Mini-Series Coming In August

Warren Ellis is writing the six issue mini with Ramon Villalobos on art and for the first issue at least, Jim Cheung on cover art. #1 comes out on 8/28.

I’m absolutely reading this. It should be a fun mini.

What do you think?


I’m bordering on ecstatic for this book, might have to buy singles of this book. So far I like everything about the new WildStorm. Cray is also very good. I’ve seen Grifter, Zealot, Void, and Spartan, but they all aren’t on the same side right now.

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I’m excited – I haven’t been reading The Wild Storm yet, but I’ve read a fair amount of the old Wildstorm stuff and I’ve been enjoying them, even if they’re kinda dated and cheesy. Now I’m just hoping for a return of Gen13!

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I’m absolutely onboard for singles of this! It’s one of my most anticipated summer reads by far. I’ve been kicking around the idea of finishing The Wild Storm in singles too.

A return of Gen13 would be ideal. Maybe that’d speed up the digital release of the original series? Kind of odd how’s there’s just one issue.

hums the tune of the WildC.A.T.S TV series

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@vroom the first 2 trades of the Wildstorm are on DC universe, I got the 3rd trade from Amazon last month the last trade was recently delayed though.

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Right, I’ve read the first two and am reading the third right now.

I’m very eager to see how Wild Storm ends, so I figured I might snag the last few issues once the final one hits instead of waiting months for the trade.

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