New universe inside this app!!

Do you guys think this is the beginning of a new universe within the app? Think Arrowverse but more brutal and edgy. What series should come next? I would like to see a Suicide Squad series that co-exists with Titans.


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I would prefer to see something less brutal and edgy. The very idea of super powers is inherently funny and whimsical, and there should be more content that takes that approach (which is what I am hoping the Stargirl and Doom Patrol series become). As for next series, I think it would be cool to see a Jessie Quick series. Ceo of a mega corporation has superspeed, limited super strength and can fly? With the right people behind it, it could be great.

If done in this same style, Suicide Squad would be perfect. The only non-brutal show I’ve been able to get into is Smallville, which shocked me because Superman usually annoys me like crazy.

Well Doom Patrol is next

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Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, Stargirl are confirmed, hopefully Metropolis will be part of the universe. And I desperately want a Redhood and the Outlaws show to spin off from Titans

I think Swamp Thing is it’s own world.

Not sure about Star Girl.

Let’s not get too greedy. I mean Netflix throwing out 2 new series and 12 movies a week has jaded us. DCU is building organically and although it didn’t meet my unrealistically high expectations, after a few days with it I feel like I’m getting a good value for 5 bucks a month.


I think they said they’re not going to insist that the shows play in the same universe. In fact, even though Doom Patrol is a spin off from Titans, I don’t know that it’s going to be in the same universe since it’s a different cast from the Titans appearance.

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