New to the DC Shop - Retro and Kids Apparel!

We’ve got some wonderful new additions in the DC Shop this week! Starting with some retro Aquaman & Yara Flor items (both available in Racerback and hoodie versions).


And for Kid’s Tees we have a few new additions including Aquaman (we like to call this one AquaKid) and the classic Batman tee.

Are you or your youngsters going to be picking up some our new DC swag? Let us know (maybe show us pictures?) in the comments! :point_down:


I dig that Yara Flor tanktop, but I never wear tanktops in public. Yara Flor t-shirts though, I’ll snag one of those if and when it becomes available.

Hey there @Vroom! It turns out that Yara Flor is available in many styles and cuts → check out this shop page to see everything Yara :smiling_imp:

Happy shopping!


Stooop! :slight_smile: I need to keep crossing my arms and huffin’ and a puffin’ about the lack of nothing to buy on the store ATM, and knowing that there’s finally something worth buying (size permitting) puts a dent in my whole angle. :grin:

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Ahaha well let’s just hope it doesn’t put too big of a dent in your wallet! :eyes:

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Nah, it won’t. I’ve got that swell shop voucher to use, afterall. :slight_smile:

goes to see if the WB Shop takes tall gentlemen into account with regards to the sizes of their apparel

If I can find a snazzy Yara Flor tee that’s suited for a gent my height, I’ll finally have something to use that keen voucher on. :partying_face:

Ooh very nice! Let us know how the search goes as there seems to be a decent number of sizes in the shop!

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I’ll do my best, Aragorn. :nerd_face:


That’s all I can ask, Legolas. Hannon le.

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Hannah Montana to you as well, good soul.