[New To DCUI Book Club] November 2021 DC Universe Infinite Curated Selection post!

[New to DCUI Book Club] presents: A curated selection of what to consider reading from November 2021’s new releases on DC Universe Infinite!

As the month rolls by, please note in the weekly polls below which comics you decided to read that week.

You may want to make a bookmark on this thread so it is easy to find each week; I like to put a day and time on my bookmarks as well if I know I’ll be free to read comics that day.

Week of November 2nd 2021 on DC Universe Infinite
  • Action Comics #1030
  • Icon & Rocket: Season One #4
  • Detective Comics #1035
  • Batman/Superman #17
  • Harley Quinn #2
  • Teen Titans Academy #2
  • Robin #1

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Week of November 9th 2021 on DC Universe Infinite
  • Green Lantern #2
  • Batman #108
  • Static: Season One #4
  • Crime Syndicate #3
  • The Swamp Thing #3
  • Titans United #3

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NOTE: Hardware SeasonOne #3 has been unexpectedly delayed until at least the end of November.

Week of November 16th 2021 on DC Universe Infinite
  • Wonder Woman #772
  • Superman #31
  • The Joker #3
  • Justice League: Last Ride #1
  • DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration #1
  • Hardware: Season One #3

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For the week of November 23rd unfortunately Icon & Rocket: Season One #5 is not published yet.

Which of the curated selection this week are you thinking of reading?

Week of November 23rd 2021 on DC Universe Infinite
  • Nightwing #80
  • The Flash #770
  • Catwoman #31
  • Justice League #61
  • Wonder Girl #1
  • Icon & Rocket: Season One #5

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Week of November 30th 2021 on DC Universe Infinite
  • Detective Comics #1036
  • Action Comics #1031
  • The Other History of the DC Universe #4
  • Batman/Superman #18
  • Harley Quinn #3
  • Teen Titans Academy #3
  • Mister Miracle: The Source of Freedom #1
  • Static: Season One #5 (may be delayed)

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Then, below, note which was your favorite, why and post a favorite panel or two! You can also just note the ones you could not stand the most, and tell us why they just didn’t work for you.


I really am enjoying Batman/Superman, how about you?

I am enjoying Icon and Rocket more than I expected. I never read the original series so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m liking all the Milestone series right now, actually.

I’ve been reading Robin as it comes out, except I am an issue behind right now. So I have already read #1, but it is a great series.

I keep forgetting about Teen Titan Academy. I need to add it to my list.

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What else are folks reading this week?

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I’ve been reading Harley Quinn and the second issue is really good. I like the supporting characters.

I did not like this artist when they did Future State Legion, however the artist works very very well with gritty street level Gotham.

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Voting for the week of November 9th is now open or you could call it Swamp Thing week I suppose.

Let us know which of these you’re planning to read this week and please let us know your thoughts on what you loved and what you hated.

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I read Static, Titans United and Crime Syndicate this week.

I’m loving everything about Static, the story and the art are just gorgeous. Titans United is fun and Crime Syndicate is interesting. I don’t know much about Earth-3, so I’m learning a lot about all of these characters.

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I’ve been surprised by how good Crime Syndicate is. I was concerned because of how very similar it is to a recent Marvel event.

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Week of November 16th 2021 on DC Universe Infinite

This has got to be one of the best DC covers of the yesr, lots of emotion, Father / Son stuff jumping out at you.

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I do like this being available to discussion “day of.”

I enjoyed the 1st issue of Justice League: Last Ride. It really makes me hope for more at DC from writer Chip Zdarsky.

The art was nicely-done as well, although I’ve never heard of the artist before.

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Festival of Heroes was a treat! I mainly wanted that crazy Monkey Prince story (his parents are henchmen for hire?), but lots of other fun reads here like Green Arrow with the Chinese Superman (Superman asked him to guard Metropolis for the week I guess?)

Time Travel anyone (see publication date, today is November 19th 2021)?

Anyone else have favorite scenes before we roll out tomorrow?

These Nightwing covers are a real joy.

I’m enjoying the lack of angst so far in Mr. Taylor’s version.

I almost always enjoy the work of Joëlle Jones, art and writing.

Wonder Girl #1 is a slow burn, but it helps that we already saw her in action with the Future State issues she appeared in… although this version doesn’t have to be exactly like that version.

Who read Justice League #61?

The new DC Universe Infinite releases are out for November 30th, including the slightly-delayed Hardware: Season One #3!

What to read first…

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I accidentally leafed through STARGIRL SPRING BREAK SPECIAL #1.

I was pleasantly surprised to see some Fred Hembeck work there at the end!

The [New To DCUI Book Club] posting for December will be appearing sometime tomorrow, Wednesday.

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Oh, I’m a couple weeks behind in my weekly readings. I’ll catch up eventually. :sweat_smile:

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