[New to DCUI Book Club] Future State Week 1!

Welcome everyone to Week 1 of Future State!!! It’s HERE!!! Now before I tell you the weekly reading, I want to give you some advice reading the event.

The Goal of the event is kinda to put together a puzzle. There are a lot of small clues to find that will tell you the story of the different families: Justice League, Batman, Superman, and Teen Titans. Which stories go where, I’ll leave that up to you to figure out! (But I’ll give you a hint each week to guide you down the right path). If you want my answer key (as I interpreted the event), check out my Future State Reading Order on Comic Book Herald (where my reading orders now go).

So this week, we are reading

Future State:

Future State: The Next Batman #1
Future State: Harley Quinn #1
Future State: Swamp Thing #1
Future State: Wonder Woman #1

Infinite Frontier Books:
The Next Batman: Second Son #7

Out of Continuity stories:
Legends of the Dark Knight #2

I cut Future State: Superman of Metropolis #1 (Because it’s not great) and Future State: The Flash #1 (Same reason), but both stories have some interesting moments in the way they work with the event as a whole.

Some thoughts to think about:

  1. In Future State: The Next Batman #1, how do you feel about the magistrate? Do you like the inclusion of the smaller back-issues? Which one did you perfer?
  2. In Future State: Harley Quinn #1, how do you feel about the art style? People tend to go either way with it.
  3. How amazing is Future State: Swamp Thing #1?!?!?!?!
  4. In Future State Wonder Woman, how do you feel so far about Yara Flor. It’s early, but as a new character for the DC Universe. How are you feeling about her.

Can’t wait to see what you guys have to say!!! Enjoy the prelude to the next ERA of DC Comics!!!


Thank your for at least listing the ones you cut. I like knowing all the new comics and picking what interests me. I actually liked the Superman and Action Comics from the last several years and will be reading the new Superman one from this week so I know what happens in it. I’m still trying to figure out Future State and Infinite Frontier. I didn’t read the books leading up to it.

  1. Future State Swamp Thing was a fun read and the artwork is great.

I’m not sure how these new plant creatures came into existence or why they look like people with leaves all over them. But the rest is very poignant especially the part about an incurable disease playing a big part in wiping out most of Humanity.

  1. Yara Flor is exactly as self-confident as I would expect someone for at that young age having this kind of power. I’m assuming eventually the plot will involve her realizing that she doesn’t know everything and that she can’t just push her way through every situation.

I would say for Future State that you don’t need any prior reading.

For Infinite Frontier, it would help to have read Tynion’s Batman Vol. 1: Their Dark Designs, Vol. 2: Joker War, and Vol. 3 Ghostmaker, and read Catwoman #25-28 and Punchline #1

Other than that, knowing the basics of Death Metal is about it. Otherwise Infinite Frontier is a GREAT starting point

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I plan to read the next Batman over the weekend

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Great story!! The Arkham Knights story was a big surprise.

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I just read Future State: The Next Batman #1. What I find interesting is that it was the Batman story that was the least of the three stories here for me personally.

“1. In Future State: The Next Batman #1, how do you feel about the magistrate? Do you like the inclusion of the smaller back-issues? Which one did you prefer?”

I see the Magistrate as an attempt to show how many people feel about the police in the city these days. There’s also plenty of people that wish something like the Magistrate would pop up just to make everything simple and easy. We’ll continue to see how the two views about city life work out in the coming year or two.

At this point, none of this is my cup of tea for entertainment but the Arkham Knights was probably one of my favorites of the three stories. I’ve always been a fan of Paul Jenkins and that artist Herbert sure reminded me of Mike Deodato.