[New to DCU] What did you think of this weeks comics? 9/24/19-9/30/19

It’s that time of the week!!

What did you think of this weeks comics?

  1. What did you read?
  2. What were your thoughts?
  3. Do you recommend it?

This week I recommend

Harley Quinn #50
Aquaman #40
Justice League #8
Batman #55
and Teen Titans #22!

I’ll score everyone of them below. As I read them. So let me know what you thought.
FYI, though New to DCU book club is no more, the list I recommend would have been the same list we did for the book club. However, people never jumped onto the book club (despite reading many of its titles), so we have this instead. If you like the list and want a more dedicated book club to them LET ME KNOW!

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For anyone wondering what Year of the Villain: Hell’s Arisen is all about look at Justice League #8 which sets up the Batman Who Laugh has plans for the future. Without spoilers, Lex and The Batman who Laughs make an agreement, and in December 2019, that loose thread comes true!! On top of that, big revalations about the consmic world. Without spoilers, this is a great time to jump in!

  1. I read Harley Quinn #50

  2. Where do I even start?!!! I’m not sure if this is a spoiler zone, so I’ll keep it spoiler-free. The book continues to be the hilarious Harley of issues 45-49. The standouts for me were Jonni DC (especially when she gets tough), (minor spoiler) Pirate Supes! and all of the new takes on DC characters. This story had a lot of heart too.

  3. I recommend it. I think it can be read on its own without the preceding issues, but I think you’ll appreciate it more if you read 45-49 first.

Honorable mention: The gameshow moment. “Love Will Never Do (Without You)” by Janet Jackson is ALWAYS the correct answer!

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  1. Batman #55

  2. It’s not as good as I remember it. It can be a little too vague. That ending though is something else.

  3. You should read it for the ending. It can stand on it’s own just fine! You won’t miss much of anything if you didn’t read #1-54. For anyone reading Nightwing, this is a must read.

  1. What did you read?
    I read the Sink Atlantis story arc which ended at Aquaman 40. The attached variant in 40 is gorgeous and romantic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, and the story is all full of action.

  2. What were your thoughts?
    The crossover with Suicide Squad was fun, funny, different, and very enjoyable. King Shark vs. Killer Croc was awesome to see! And more Dolphin is always as good thing.

  3. Do you recommend it?
    Yes. Read the full, 4-issue Sink Atlantis arc. I thought this had a fun “my-how-the-tables-have-turned” feeling regarding the US-Atlantis relationship at the beginning of Rebirth compared to issue 40.

We read Aquaman in book club not too long ago. I ended up reading the full run of what’s available for Rebirth Aquaman. I was waiting for this issue to arrive before reading this arc, and I’m glad I did. It was a fun binge read. I’ll read the next arc of Aquaman when all the issues arrive on DCU.

@JL It is a very enjoyable story! The next arc is Drowned Earth which should finish in November-ish!

I love the characterization of Waller in it too!

cool! Thanks, I’ll be watching for it in November. Waller was excellent!