[New to DCU] Week 7 :batman_hv_3: Batman: Cold Days (Batman (2016) #51-57):batman_hv_3:

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Hey everyone! Welcome to our humble abode!! Thanks to everyone who joined us last week and anyone joining us for the first time this week! This club is for those who WANT to get into current comics that are just arriving on DCU. The first 9 weeks will be called The Groundwork. The Groundwork will focus on reading the series which define all the current stuff. Groundwork is changing with some frequency, so make sure to click the drop-down to see what’s coming! We are closing off this year with the Event Drowned Earth! and next month will be the month of Smaller Characters!

The Groundwork

Week 1: Justice League: No Justice by Scott Snyder
Week 2: Justice League: The Totality by Scott Snyder
Week 3: Batman: The Wedding (and the optional tie-in)
Week 4: Detective Comics: On the Outside by Brian Hill.
Week 5: Flash War by Josh Williamson
Week CRISIS: Dark Nights Metal
Week 6: Flash: Reckoning of the Forces by Josh Williamson
Week 7: Batman: Cold Days by Tom King
Week 8: Justice League: Graveyard of Gods by Scott Snyder

January: Smaller Characters

Week 1: Green Arrow: Citizen’s Arrest
Week 2: Batgirl: Art of Crime
Week 3: Teen Titans: Full Throttle
Week 4: Catwoman: Copycats
Week 5: Hawkman: Awakening

February will focus on bigger characters again!

Remember: Every week, you get to vote on which stories to keep reading and which ones to drop.

So let’s talk about Batman: Cold Days

Official Description

Bruce Wayne has been selected for jury duty in a chilling court case involving Mr. Freeze! Freeze claims the charges should be dismissed because Batman used excessive force; cue the outrage and media circus. While doing his civic duty, Wayne’s forced to take a hard look at the Dark Knight’s methods. Plus, the KGBeast lives! The Russian super-assassin is back–but under whose orders?

Don’t miss out on the this installment of this best-selling, critically acclaimed graphic novel series written by breakout star Tom King, and featuring art by Lee Weeks and Tony S. Daniel.

:books: WHAT TO READ :books:
Batman(2016-) #51-57

:batman_hv_1: DISCUSSION QUESTIONS :batman_hv_1:

  1. Is this your first time reading Batman: Cold Days?
  2. What was the best moment in the story?
  3. How do you feel about Bruce’s Revalation about Batman?4.
  4. How did you feel about THAT Dick Grayson Moment
  5. Which arc in the overall volume is the best. Cold Days (The Trial), Dick Grayson, or Cold War (KGBeast)
  6. Did Batman keep the quality of the first 50 issues here (if you read them) or not. The question is did Batman start falling apart here?

Should we keep reading Batman (2016)?

  • Yes
  • No

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I would love to hear your general reactions to the story as well!

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Nice! Been meaning to do the books for this club, but had to slack on The Flash because I’m WAY behind on that book and haven’t been able to catch up. I’ve been wanting to reread these, so I’m looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

Also, just so you know, the date you set up on the post is for tomorrow, I think you mean the 27th, right?

@Jay_Kay The book club starts tomorrow. Ends of Wednesday. Thursday will start Drowned Earth.

Also, I create a Primer to help you jump ahead. Flash (2016) Is fairly good at being accessible with each volume. The Primer is a this is what you missed/ might help you. I try to do them, but I don’t always have time. (If you beg for a primer though, I’m more likely to do it).

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Hi, @Nathan.Payson. @Jay_Kay is trying to say you have week 7 set to run from 12/20 to 12/21 - only two days!

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@ralp oops haha

The Twelve Angry Men arc is really entertaining. I’m not sold on the direction this collection takes Dick Grayson, but the story itself with KGBeast is pretty good.


That’s generally where I stand on this volume. I actually like all of the stories. It’s the treatment o dick Grayson in Nightwing that frustrated me


And it should be noted that what happened in Nightwing wasn’t at all what King had in mind when he did that. According to an interview he did for the podcast Gotham By Geeks, his and Nightwing writer Benjaman Percy’s original idea was that when Nightwing is shot in the head, he wouldn’t die, but would be that he would have lost all sense of vertigo, making him at least for a while completely unable to do his thing as Nightwing. During this time, Tim Drake would take on the mantle of Nightwing while taking care of Dick.

While he doesn’t exactly say this, it can be inferred that since Bendis wanted to use Tim for his Young Justice book, those plans were changed, Percy didn’t like that and left the book, and editorial had to figure out some other way to keep Dick to the side for a while to keep Bruce in his downward spiral. And thus, Ric was born.

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Bendis ruining DC’s Creative plans? Hmmm interesting

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Not intentionally, I’m sure, and I think considering the book he had, it’s pretty valid to want the original trinity of that book of Conner, Bart and Tim for it. Also, while I haven’t read a lot of what they did with that status quo in Nightwing, I feel like there was potential there to do something interesting with the character, it just doesn’t seem to have been executed very well – again, from what I’ve seen.

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Dan Jurgens found a really interesting way to explain what happened (through retconning with the Court of Owls). For the most part, I think it worked.


That’s interesting, I love hearing behind the scenes stuff like that.

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You called this set of DC stories the “groundwork,” but I would probably take a more cynical approach and call it the “derailing.” It’s the beginning of the end for everything DC was accomplishing in Rebirth and the resurfacing of New 52 sentiments.

That doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy individual stories, of course.

@AlexanderKnox I get it. It’s called Groundwork because it lays out the beginning of Phase 2. We can argue that Phase 2 is where everything began to fall apart, but it is technically groundwork for what is to come.

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I’m okay with what happened to Nightwing here, it was certain a great story beat, and I was definitely shocked when I first read this. I can’t judge this story on what then happens in his own title.

I really liked Bruce on the jury, that was great wrighting, and the KGBeast is one of my favorites for some reason so it was fun seeing him again. The dialogue in those issues was good stuff.

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@ralphsix Unfortunately I got it spoiled for me (because I was waiting to buy the trade), but I thought it’s a powerful moment that forces Bruces to handle a lot of change very quickly.