[New to DCU] Superman Rebirth Phase 2 Easy Reading Order

This is the easy reading order of Superman Rebirth Phase 2 which is headed by Brian Michael Bendis. There are two main ideas. 1. Superman meets new threats he’s never dealt with before. 2. Superman has to learn to accept change. 3. Superman’s Side Cast gets a chance to shine (later on).

The Easy version will NOT cover: Supergirl’s journey, Lois Lane’s solo title, Adventures Supersons, or Jimmy Olsen’s Solo.

The titles:
Superman = Superman (2018)
Supergirl = Supergirl (2016)
Action Comics = Action Comics (2016)
Man of Steel = Man of Steel (2018)

Part 1:

Man of Steel

Man of Steel #1-6
and Last story of Action Comics #1000

Superman: Phantom Earth

Superman #1-6

Action Comics: The Invisible Mafia

Action Comics #1001 - #1006

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