[New to DCU] Superman Rebirth Phase 1 HARD Reading Order

This is the hard reading order for Phase 1 of Superman Rebirth. This is focused on only the MOST important Superman Volumes. Superman Rebirth is mainly focused on three plot lines. 1. Who is Mr. Oz? 2. Jonathan Kent (Superboy) meeting the world. 3. Superman’s relationship to the current continuity. The hard version adds side characters who mostly go on their own adventures including the amazing new character Kenan Kong. The main Superman though is a new Superman who lived in the multiverse before Flashpoint wiped away the modern era.

Difference between Easy and Medium: Adds the missing Superman (2016) stories: Multiplicity, Black Dawn, and Superman: Hopes and Fears. Supersons titles are added: When I grow up, Planet of the Capes, Super Sons of Tomorrow, and Parent Trap. Action Comics: Men of Steel is added as well.

Difference between Medium and Hard: Adds the Oz Effect pseudo tie-in, New Super-man, Supergirl, Superwoman, and Trinity.

Road to Rebirth: (Optional)

Superman: Lois and Clark
Superman: Lois and Clark #1-8

Part 1:

New Super-man: Made in China

New Superman #1-6

Superman: Son of Superman

Superman: Rebirth #1
Superman #1-6

Action Comics: Path of Doom

Action Comics #957 - 962

Supergirl: Reign of the Cyborg Supermen

Supergirl: Rebirth #1
Supergirl #1-6

Superwoman: Who is Superwoman?

Superwoman #1-7

Trinity: Better Together

Trinity #1-6

Action Comics: Welcome to the Planet

Action Comics #963 - #966
(Includes a part of Justice League #52 in the trade)

Superman: Trials of the Supersons

Superman #7-13

New Super-man: Coming to America

New Super-man #7-12

Action Comics: Men of Steel

Action Comics #967 - 972

Superman: Multiplicity

Superman #14-17
Superman Annual #1

Superman: Black Dawn

Superman #20 - 26

EVENT: Superman Reborn

EVENT: SUPERMAN REBORN at this point the New 52 continuity and rebirth continuity come together. At this point Last Days of isn’t all that helpful

Road to Reborn:

Action Comics #973-974

Superman Reborn

Superman #18
Action Comics #975
Superman #19
Action Comics #976

Part 2

Action Comics: The New World
  • The new continuity explained
    Action Comics #977 - 984
Superman: Hopes and Fears

Superman #27-32

New Super-man: Equilibrium

New Super-man #13-19

Supersons: When I Grow Up

Supersons: When I Grow Up
Supersons #1-5

Superwoman: Rediscovery

Superwoman #8-12

Supergirl: Escape from the Phantom Zone

Supergirl #7-8
Batgirl Annual #1
Supergirl #9-11

  • (okay not quite an event but part of two really important sort of shared stories!)
    Action Comics #985-992
Detective Comics: A Lonely Place of Living (An Oz Effect sort of tie-in)

Detective Comics#963 - 668

Action Comics: Booster Shot
  • (OZ Effect: Aftermath) //Last Volume of run
    Action Comics #993 - 999
    Action Comics Special #1
Planet of the Capes

Supersons #6-10

Superwoman: The Midnight Hour

Superwoman #13-18

Supergirl: Girl of No Tomorrow

Supergirl #12-14
Supergirl Annual #1

Supergirl: Plain Sight

Supergirl #15-20

Superman: Imperius Lex

Superman #33-36
Superman #39-41


Superman #37
Supersons #11
Teen Titans #15
Superman #38
Supersons #12

New Super-man and the Justice League of China

New Super-man #20-24

Superman: Bizarroverse

Superman #42-43
Superman #44-45
Superman Special #1

Supersons: Parent Trap //Last Volume

Supersons #13-16
Supersons Annual #1

The End of Phase 1 Superman: Action Comics #1000

Superman Family Phase 1 MEDIUM version