[New to DCU] Summary of: Justice League Dark (2018-)

Hey EVERYONE! You ever felt like you don’t have enough time to read a series but want to know the gist of what’s going on? Well, I have the post for you. Every time an issue of something comes out, I’ll write a summary of it, below each comment, let me know if you read it and if you have anything you think should be added.

This Summary of is for Justice League Dark

Premise: Magic is dying and no one knows how to stop in.

Why you should read it: Wonder Woman is getting her origin changed and it’s one of three Justice League titles which spin out of Justice: No Justice!


Issue 1: The Last Age of Magic Part 1

Magic is dying. Zatanna hosting a magic show sees her magic going wrong at a magic show, but is saved by Wonder Woman. Zatanna tells Wonder Woman she doesn’t want to join her team because Magic can’t be punched with light. It’s darker.

The Magic community gets together but they can’t agree on anything. Constantine makes a brief guest appearance. Zatanna sees Swamp Thing hiding at the meeting.

Wonder Woman goes to the magic bar, The Oblivion Bar hoping to convince Bobo, Detective Chimp, who is now the Night Master. Detective Chimp agrees to help and the two head to the JLD Headquarters. At the Headquarters, Man-Bat has been doing an autopsies but stops to get excited about a new member.

At the Tree of Wonder, Zatanna addresses Swamp Thing and the two argue. Swamp Thing describes the tree as a bridge of magic. Then Zatanna’s Father appears and warns them the original owners of magic are coming. They are called the Otherkind. Zatanna sees short images from the future.

At the JLD Headquarters, a corpse comes to life and Man bat fully transforms. As they prep to fight Zatanna and Swamp Thing Arrive. TO BE CONTINUED


Issue 2: The Last Age of Magic Part 2

Wonder Woman is 13, trying to find the answer to a question about a witch who appears once a year. She finds three ladies dancing at gets caught. Hecate, appears and brands Wonder Woman.

In the present, Wonder Woman and the JLD are fighting the corpses. Zatanna scared to use magic fights them with a stool. They win, then Wonder Woman fights with Zatanna over her showing up after repeated declinations. Zatanna explains her vision, while Man Bat can’t deform.

In Salem, searching for answers, the JLD go to the Tower of Fate. Swamp Thing feeling the same energy as the Tower of Fate goes to the Tree of Wonder to investigate. When Doctor Fate appears, he accuses Zatanna of betraying the Magic Community for the outside help. Zatanna ask to meet Nabu and Nabu lets Zatanna and Diana meet him. He makes Detective Chimp and Man Bat(now human) wait outside, because they are too chaotic.

At the tree, Constatine arrives and Swamp Thing reveals he’s left the Parliament of Trees and no longer serves them.

At the tower, Doctor Fate reveals that magic came from the first lords of order who created books of magic to hide it’s true power and use it as a gift to the common man. Waiting outside, Doctor Langstrom drops a vase with a boy. The Boy reveals Kent Nelson isn’t in control and Nabu is. Nabu is trying to summon the otherkind.
In the main room, Zatanna expresses worry about magic dying, and Doctor Fate says that brings him relief. Then Nabu summons the Otherkind.

  • “For the second time in her life, Diana stood frozen in the face of horror, and she wanted to scream”

You’re really good at writing summaries

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These will be good to jog my memory.


FYI, I’ll probably do Justice League (2018) Next. The eventual goal is to have lots of summaries so you find out what’s going on in comics you don’t want to take the time to read.