[New to DCU] Rebirth Reading Order Phase 1 Part 4

The Button

Batman #21
Flash #21
Batman #22
Flash #22

Note: Spins off into Flash, Detective Comics, and Doomsday Clock

Flash and Titans Family Part 4

The Flash: Running Scared
The Flash #23 - 27


Titans #11
Teen Titans #8
Deathstroke #19
Teen Titans: The Lazarus Contract Special #1
Deathstroke #20

Teen Titans: Rise of Aqualad Part 2 //#12 is Gotham Resistance
Teen Titans #9-11
Teen Titans #13-14

Batman Family Part 4

Redhood and the Outlaws: Who is Artemis
Redhood and the Outlaws #7-11

Trinity: Dead Space (After this, Trinity becomes more of a Justice League title)
Trinity #7-11

Detective Comics: Deus Ex Machina
Detective Comics #957-962

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey: Source Code
Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #7-13

Batman/The Shadow: The Murder Geniuses
Batman/The Shadow #1-6

Nightwing: The New Order
Nightwing: The New Order #1-6

Superman Family part 4

Road to Reborn: Action Comics #973-974

Superman #18
Action Comics #975
Superwoman #8(Tie in)
Superman #19
Action Comics #976

Action Comics: The New World ← The new continuity explained
Action Comics #977 - 978

Supersons: When I Grow Up
Supersons #1-5

Superwoman: Rediscovery
Superwoman #8-12

Supergirl: Escape from the Phantom Zone
Supergirl #7-8
Batgirl Annual #1
Supergirl #9-11

Justice Leaguers Part 4

Wonder Woman: Godwatch
Wonder Woman Annual #1
Wonder Woman #16,18,20,22,24

Justice League: Endless
Justice League #20-25

Justice League of America: Panic in the Microverse
Justice League of America #12-17

Non-Justice Leaguers

Green Arrow: The Rise of Star City
Green Arrow #18-25

Crossing Over Without Crossing Over: Suicide Action Squad Edition (And don't forget Harley Quinn Edition - Harley Quinn)
Earthlings on Fire and Action Comics: The New World

Suicide Squad #17: Earthlings on Fire: Part 2: Page 1-17
Action Comics #979: Revenge: Part 1
Suicide Squad #17: Earthlings on Fire: Part 2: Page 18-end
Suicide Squad #18: Earthlings on Fire: Part 3: Page 1-12
Action Comics #980: Revenge: Part 2
Suicide Squad #18: Earthlings on Fire: Part 3: Page 13-end
Suicide Squad #19: Earthlings on Fire: Part 4
Action Comics #981-984: Revenge: Part 3-6
Suicide Squad #20

Harley Quinn: Surprise, Surprise
Harley Quinn #22-27

Note: CONGRATS YOU FINISHED YEAR ONE!! Give yourself a pat on the back! There’s a lot to read and you should be proud of yourself. Even if you skipped around, you read an entire YEAR of DC Comics of the series you cared about. If you read everything you’ve hit 607 comics total or roughly 30% of the DCU Rebirth Library! Keep it up. Hopefully you enjoyed a couple of series. As we begin year 2 it’s important to know that Dark Nights Metal has BEGUN however, it is only just beginning. Dark Nights Metal will be included in part 6 or 7 of the reading order. As we move forward, look forward to many great titles! Year two includes The New Age of Heroes, the first Reboots and cancellations. When series reach their last volume, I will mention that. Without further ado, I hope you enjoy!

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