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Hey everyone, thank you for checking out and jumping into Rebirth. Jumping into comics can feel like an undertaking. However, the trick is to just enjoy the stories your reading and then just read another.

Handling Continuity
Continuity is one of the biggest points of tension for new readers. A comic might reference something that happened two weeks ago or maybe 10 years ago. As a new reader, you haven’t even heard of the thing that happened 10 years ago. All of a sudden you feel like you need to read that comic from 10 years ago. DON’T! Instead move on. Know that you won’t know who everyone is. Know that you will be slightly lost. Just enjoy the story you are reading and move on.

So What is the Universe like now? (The Only Continuity you need to know)
From 2011-2016, DC completely rebooted the entire Universe of DC Comics in an effort to re energize comic sales. They figured that if we start over, everyone would jump on. Well spoiler alert, IT WORKED!! for two months…… Dubbed the New 52, the new era of comics turned out to be a dud. After 5 years of many bad comics with a couple of gems, DC decided to try again. They reboot the universe again, but left the continuity of the New 52 in the timeline. The key thing though is they “forget” that New 52 happened. This soft reboot is called Rebirth. Rebirth is focused on bringing back ideas from the pre-New 52 era and bringing positivity back into comics. Focused on New and Old characters working side by side, Rebirth features new characters like Jonathan Kent (Superman and Lois Lane’s Son), Duke Thomas (A “new” robin), Gotham Girl (A supergirl for gotham, sorta). Rebirth also features the return of old characters from before 2011 like Ted Kord (The Blue Beetle), a married Superman, the Legion of Superheroes, the JSA, and the all-important Wally West. That’s all you really need to know! Obviously some things may be confusing to start with. Feel free to use the encyclopedia to learn about a character you’ve never met. Don’t worry though because you’ll learn eventually without having to read older stuff.

Anything else I need to know?
DC Rebirth is secretly split into two different phases. Phase 1 starts in 2016 and goes up to an event called Justice League: No Justice. Phase 2 starts in 2018 with Justice League: No Justice and then continues. Both phases are accessible. Of course Phase 1 is easier to jump into than phase 2 BUT phase 2 will get you caught up faster. My advice is read Phase 2 titles (with the exception of New Age of Heroes) first and then fill in the gaps. Of course certain moments will be spoiled, but it will get you to your likely goal first. However, if you want to start with Phase 1, Don’t worry. That’s how I started (albeit before phase 2 had started or was identified to secretly exist). So I recommend Phase 2, but Phase 1 is perfectly fine. If you want to read phase 2 but want to read the most important stuff of Phase 2. Check out my Rebirth Fast Track.

The Reading Orders:

Rebirth Phase 1 In Depth Explanation (This Page)
All of DC Rebirth Phase 1 Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Rebirth Phase 2 In Depth Explanation
All of DC Rebirth Phase 2 Part 0 1 2

To be added as I get them published to DC

DC Rebirth Fast Track:

DC Rebirth Families (Which are stories told by a series of similar titles)

Superman Family Phase 1 Guide Version: Easy Medium Hard
*Phase 2 Version: Easy Medium

Batman Family Phase 1 Guide Version: Easy Medium Hard
Phase 2 Version: Easy Medium Hard

Flash and Titans Family Phase 1 Guide Version: Easy Medium Phase 2 Easy

Green Lantern Family Phase 1 Guide: Version: Easy Phase 2 Easy

Dark Knights: Metal on (AKA Road to DC Rebirth Phase 2)

DC Hero Orders

Suicide Squad
Jonthan Kent (Superboy)
Aquaman and Mera
The Joker
Wally West (Original)
General Zod

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This is the kind of stuff I love about comics. The interconnectedness and the start to finish story lines or phases. Thanks for working on this and I can’t wait to jump in.


Of course! I’m going to be slowly posting the more intricate through lines in the next couple of weeks!

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This has been a great resource! I finally finished the New 52 stuff and allowed myself to take the plastic wrap off the deluxe Rebirth trades that had been piling up on the shelf along with additional titles here on the app. (I’m in the middle of the Justice League vs Suicide Squad crossover.) This reading order has been a huge help in navigating the various titles and series. It’s even led me to check out a few books that weren’t in my regular rotation. Thank you! I hope you’ll keep it up!


It’s updated every week! (Although the changes are VERY SMALL)

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Tagged for future reference.

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