[New to DCU] Comics Coming 8/20/19

Hey everyone!! It’s that time again. New comics, new digitized comics, and of course New Book Clubs!!!
The format as always is

  1. New to DCU

  2. Newly Digitized

  3. The Big Stuff this week

  4. Starting Points

  5. Starting Volumes

  6. Ending Volumes

  7. New to DCU Book Club

  8. Announcements

  9. New to DCU Phase I (Pre-Justice League: No Justice)
    Batwoman #18
    Cave Carson has an Interstellar Eye #6
    Green Lanterns #53
    Injustice 2 Chapter 71
    Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe #2
    New Challengers #4
    The Wild Storm #16

Phase II (Post Justice League: No Justice)
Aquaman #39
Batman #53
Harley Quinn #48
Justice League #6
Damage #8

  1. Newly Digitized
    Batman Family Giant #12
    Bruce Wayne: The Road Home: Catwoman #1
    Deadman: Dead Again #2
    Detective Comics #321
    Doom Patrol #12
    House of Secrets #106
    Human Defense Corps #5
    L.A.W. #5
    Legion of Superheroes #2
    Legionnaires #3
    Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #11

  2. The Big Stuff this Week

Batman #53 is a phenomenal comic which is a look at Batman’s fallibility.

Batwoman #18 is the conclusion of a great run which ended as a result of DC’s creative soft reboot (Phase II). However, the issue is a great conclusion which should be enjoyable even if you didn’t read a single issue of the run (which I know you didn’t…)

  1. Starting Points:
    Sadly, there are none this week….

  2. Starting Volumes:

  3. Ending Volumes:

Justice League: Totality
Justice League #1-6

Batwoman: Fall of the House of Kane
Batwoman #12-18

Cave Carson has an Interstellar Eye
Cave Carson has an Interstellar Eye: #1-6

  1. New to DCU Book Club

This week on New to DCU Book Club, we are looking at
Aquaman #39
Batman #53
Justice League #6

And for the Rebirth Highlights, we are reading Doomsday Clock Vol. 1

Doomsday Clock #1-2 (3-4 next week)

  1. Announcements
    Hey Everyone!! I’m writing the Justice League: Totality Review This Week! So please check it out AND for all other reviews I’ve written, PLEASE go to my Rebirth Reading Order!
    Rebirth Reading Order - Google Docs

(Your friendly neighborhood reporter)

P.S. #saveKrypton!!

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Am looking forward to reading Damage and Harley Quinn as those are the two I am currently keeping up with (keeping up in the sense of reading the latest issues digitized). Also glad to see Batman Family is being digitized again, so close to completing that series. Beyond that, while I like that they digitized 12 comics this time, most of them are pretty niche so not really into any of them sadly. I like the Charleston characters, but I remember I tried reading LAW when it first came out back in the day and was not impressed and never finished. Might be worth a second try.

Currently it’s Christmas in August for the digitizing! Old Detective, two different Legion and Lois Lane???!!!???

I was hoping to sleep this week…


When the frack are we ever going to get Justice League International. My second favorite Justice League comic that I also never got to finish.

Or am I literally the only one who cares about that book because no one on these boards talks about it even though it is among the best of the eighties.

There are a decent number of JLI titles available. Unfortunately not that one, BUT I did enjoy the New 52 Justice League International (One of the few New 52 series I’ve enjoyed)