[New to DCU] Comics Coming 8/13/19

Hey everyone!! It’s that time again. New comics, new digitized comics, and of course New Book Clubs!!!
The format as always is

  1. New to DCU

  2. Newly Digitized

  3. The Big Stuff this week

  4. Starting Points

  5. Starting Volumes

  6. Ending Volumes

  7. New to DCU Book Club

  8. Announcements

  9. New to DCU
    Detective Comics #986
    Eternity Girl #6
    Flash #52
    Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #50
    Hawkman #3
    Immortal Men #5
    Plastic Men #3
    Red Hood and the Outlaws #25
    (Not Happening but FYI) Sandman Universe #1
    Sideways #7
    Suicide Squad #45
    Supergirl #21
    Superman #2
    Titans #24
    Wildstorm: Michael Cray #10
    Wonder Woman #52

  10. Newly Digitized
    Bruce Wayne: The Road Home: Batgirl (2010) #1
    Deadman: Dead Again (2001) #1
    Doom Patrol (2004) #11
    Legion of Superheroes (1984) Annual #1
    Legionnaires (1993) Annual #1
    World Without End (1990) #1

  11. The Big Stuff This Week

-Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #50 is the finale of the Space Opera Series. The Darkstars and Green Lanterns Corps come to a big final fight and What will happen to Zod and his family?
-Suicide Squad #45 is the start of the final Event of the Summer!!. Aquaman/Suicide Squad Sink Atlantis is a 4 part arc focused on the tensions arrising from Atlantis Rising to the surface.

-Red Hood and the Outlaws #25 Tensions are building rapidly between Batman and Jason. Can the Outlaws stay together or is Jason going to go solo?

  1. Starting Points
  • Supergirl #21 is the start of a new run on Supergirl where Supergirl heads to space with Rogal Zar’s Axe to figure out who Rogal Zar is

  • Flash #52 is the start of a new arc focused on discovering the truth behind the Strength Force. While Flash War concluded Phase 1 and began Phase 2, this is the first arc in the Phase 2 direction.

  1. Starting Volumes

The Flash: Reckoning of the Forces
The Flash #52-57

Supergirl: The Killers of Krypton
Supergirl #21
Supergirl #22-26

Sideways: Rifts and Revelations //Cancelled
Sideways #7-12
Annual #1

Event: Aquaman/Suicide Squad: Sink Atlantis
Suicide Squad #45
Aquaman #39
Suicide Squad #46
Aquaman #40

  1. Ending Volumes

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Darkstars Rising
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: #42-50

Red Hood and The Outlaws: Good Night Gotham
Red Hood and the Outlaws #19-25

  1. New to DCU Book Club
    This week we are reading:

Detective Comics #986
Flash #52
Suicide Squad #45
Supergirl #21
Superman #2

Honorary Mention (Titans #24)

  1. Announcements

Hey Everyone!! As always, I host a podcast with an amazing team of DC Universe Fans!! Check out the Fans of DC Universe Podcast

This week we talked about The Titans Trailer, Young Justice Ep. 21, and the road to DC Universe Year One.

-Nathan.Payson (Your Friendly Neighborhood Reporter)



Thanks as always. Shame the back issues are so small again, although most are.larger books.

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New Legion being digitized??? I’ll need to update the Chronology of Legion of Super-hero comics with DCU digitized issues noted immediately!!!

@DanTheMan Thanks!!!
@Don-el Seems SO!!

My New to DCU pull list.

Detective Comics #986
Flash #52
Hawkman #3
Wonder Woman #52

It’s funny how the whole community has an away become jaded to the arrival of this great new stuff every Tuesday morning.

When we see these new comics being loaded, I’m still excited!

Along with the Flash and Detective, I’m definitely marking Supergirl and Superman for reading this week (although my inner child is silently weeping inside because there’s no new digitized old Detective or Lois Lane from the 50s and 60s)…?

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Hmm, not seeing Bruce Wayne: The Road Home: Batgirl…

Remeber I put this out before the official announcement so sometimes I’m wrong.

My DCU Pull List
Suicide Squad #45
Detective Comics #986
Flash #42
Superman #2
Supergirl #21
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #50
Hawkman #3
Plastic Man #3
Titans #24
Wonder Woman #52

(I write reading orders on this stuff for a reason…)

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