[New to DCU] Comics Coming 7/16

Hey everyone!! It’s that time again. New comics, new digitized comics, and of course New Book Clubs!!!
The format as always is

  1. New to DCU

  2. Newly Digitized

  3. The Big Stuff this week

  4. Starting Points

  5. Starting Volumes

  6. Ending Volumes

  7. New to DCU Book Club

  8. Announcements

  9. New to DCU

Detective Comics #984
Eternity Girl #5
Flash #50
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #48
Hawkman #2
Immortal Men #4
Plastic Man #2
Red Hood and the Outlaws #24
Sideways #6
Suicide Squad #44
Superman #1
Titans #23
Wildstorm Michael Cray #9
Wonder Woman #50

  1. Newly Digitized

Arion the Immortal (1992) #4
Detective Comics #317
Doom Patrol (2004) #7
Hourman (1999) #13
Hourman (1999) #14
House of Secrets #103
Jonni Thunder #2
L.A.W #1
Superman presents the Phantom Zone #2

  1. The Big Stuff This Week

Flash #50 - The end of Flash War will result in major new status quos for Barry, Wally, the speed force, and more!

Wonder Wonder Woman #50 - The end of Dark Gods and the end of Robinson’s Run!

  1. Starting Points

Superman #1 - Bendis’s Run on Superman truly begins with the #1 issue. Rogal Zar is in the Phantom Zone, but sometimes there are consequences.

Titans #23 - The start of Abnett’s run on Titans. Spins off of Justice: No Justice and Titans Special #1

  1. Starting Volumes

Superman: Unity Saga - Phantom Earth
Superman #1-6

Green Lanterns: Evil’s Might
Green Lantern’s #50
Green Lantern’s #51-57
6. Ending Volumes

Wonder Woman: The Dark Gods
Wonder Woman #46-47
Wonder Woman Annual #1
Wonder Woman #48-50

Sideways: Steppin Out
Sideways #1-6

  1. New to DCU Book Club

    This week we are reading

Flash #50 --> The conclusion of Flash War (#51 is the epilogue)
Superman #1 → The beginning of Superman (2018-)
Detective Comics #984 → The continuation of the Outsiders Introduction
Titans #23 → Beginning of Abnett’s Titans
Hawkman #2 → Continuation of Hawkman’s big reveals.

  1. Announcements

This weeks upcoming articles are
Tuesday → [New to DCU] Book Club Week 10
Wednesday → [New to DCU] Flash #50 Review
Thursday → [New to DCU] Sideways: Stepping Out or Baman: The Wedding You choose below!
Friday → [New to DCU] Where to start reading Batman Rebirth
Sunday → Comics coming 7/23

Also, Hydro Vol. 2 Finishes Today!! So go check that out.

Also, big congrats to HubCityQuestion for season 2 of Answer the Question!!! Great questions!

And go check out the Fans of DC Universe Podcast!!
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Thanks Everyone!!
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