[New to DCU] Comics Coming 10/1/19

Hey everyone!! It’s that time again. New comics, newly digitized comics, and of course New Book Clubs!!!

The format as always is

  1. New to DCU

  2. Newly Digitized

  3. The Big Stuff this week

  4. Starting Points

  5. Starting Volumes

  6. Ending Volumes

  7. Nathan Recommends

  8. Announcements

  9. New to DCU
    Phase 1 (DC: Universe Rebirth #1 to Justice League : No Justice)
    Batman Beyond #24

Phase 2 (Justice League: No Justice- )
Action Comics #1003
Batgirl #27
Detective Comics #989
Doomsday Clock #7
Flash #55
Heroes in Crisis #1
Justice League Dark #3
Justice League Odyssey #1
Raven Daughter of Darkness #8
Silencer #9
Terrifics #8
Titans #26
Wonder Woman #55

Batman King’s of Fear #2

Not coming but FYI
Loony Toons #245
Scarlet #2
Scooby Doo Team-Up #42

2.Newly Digitized
Bruce Wayne: The Outsiders #1
Deadman (2001-) #3
Detective Comics #327
Doom Patrol (2001-2003) #1
Hourman #24
House of Mystery #181
House of Secrets #112
Nathaniel Dusk #3
Superman #5

3.The Big Stuff this Week
Heroes in Crisis #1 Love it or hate is, things will never be the same for two characters. Who will live? Who will die? Who will be the accused? And what is the nature of trauma in superheroes? It all begins NOW!!

Justice League Odyssey #1 kicks off the third Justice League Series. Arguably the least important of the three, Justice League Odyssey is more self contained, but focuses on developing its characters A LOT. Think a fish out of water justice league where the fish have always been worshipped for some unknown reason! Wait WHAT?!?!?!?!

Doomsday Clock #7 finally reveals Doctor Manhattan’s role in the DC Universe. How is he involved? You’ll have to wait and find out!

  1. Starting Points
    Heroes in Crisis #1 is an event which will spin off into 2 or 3 titles (depending on how you count it) so it’s a great story to jump in. Whether it’s a great story or not is up to you.
    Justice League Odyssey is a fun journey through space which though a spin-off of Justice League: No Justice isn’t too important in the scheme of things.

  2. Starting Volumes

Heroes in Crisis
Heroes in Crisis #1-9

Justice League Odyssey: The Ghost Sector
Justice League Odyssey #1-5

  1. Ending Volumes

Batman Beyond: Target Batman
Batman Beyond #20-24

Wonder Woman: The Enemy of Both Sides (Short 5 issue break before next real run)
Wonder Woman #51-55
Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special (Story from)

  1. Nathan Recommends
    This week I recommend reading

    Heroes in Crisis #1- Is it good? Debatable. Is it important? Hell Yes!
    Action Comics #1003 - The Invisible Mafia gets more interesting!
    Justice League Dark #3 - Leads up to Witching Hour
    Justice League Odyssey #1 - Fun and intriguing!
    Flash #55 - The Sage force is next!!

My Pull list:

Batman Beyond #24
Action Comics #1003
Batgirl #27
Detective Comics #989
Flash #55
Heroes in Crisis #1
Justice League Dark #3
Justice League Odyssey #1
Titans #26
I’m also finishing Cataclysm

  1. Announcements
    I’m working on a video about getting into rebirth for the Fans of DC Universe Youtube Channel, it’s taking WAY longer than expected to prep…

(Your friendly neighborhood reporter)



Thanks as always. Really looking forward to checking out Heroes In Crisis.

Let’s see…Action 1003, Flash 55, HiC 1, Terrifics 8, Det 989 if I can fit it in
Newly digitized: Det 327

Did you notice Superman #4 that appeared here I believe last week, 1940, was the first appearance of Luthor?

Really looking forward to revisiting Doomsday Clock #7 and The Flash #55.

People can complain about the waits all they want but I don’t care cause the comic has been worth it each and every time. Probably helps I’m used to long waits from Image books as well. If 1-6 set up the dominoes, 7 begins to knock them down. Doomsday Clock rules!

I have been reading and buying The Flash since it relaunched in 2016 under JW. I have stuck around for each and every issue up till the current #79. Revisiting this will be fun considering I was glad to finally have an arc on Heatwave! Also I really enjoy Scott Kolins’ art as well. Seeing Barry react to all the other forces has played out nicely too.


Just read Actoon 1003 …probably one of the better of the comics of this so far. enjoyed the Batman appearances, the drama of Clark being sick from the kryptonite in the purse.

I’d forgotten how quickly Bendis Comics read