"New to DCU" Book Club

So, I’m doing a rebrand of the book club to be more clear about the intent. I chose New to DCU Book Club because it is about reading the current batch of comics. I will make an effort to include starting points and covering big points.

The plan is to read all of

Justice League
Man of Steel

And various starting shots and issues of importance. This is the perfect club to start with the titles that are brand New to DCU. I will always mark one comic as Jump On as well for anyone interested. Please give feedback if you have a better idea.

DCU Main
Justice League #2
Man of Steel #4

DCU Extra
Batman #49
Prelude to the Wedding Red Hood vs. Anarky #1

DCU Main:

Justice League #2 ←- If #1 was about tone and foreshadowing, #2 is about scope and beginning the story!!

  1. Which Reveal was cooler Grodd’s or Sinestro’s
  2. Is Grodd’s reveal something that makes sense? Sinestro’s?
  3. What is this doorknob all about?
  4. What are your general thoughts? Favorite art moment?

Man of Steel #4#4 finally catches up to Action Comics #1000.

  1. Did the overlap with Action Comics #1000 do a good job?
  2. What do you think of SPOILER coming into the Lois and Jon plot?
  3. Is Rogal Zar compelling yet or not?
  4. Does Bendis have a good handle on Superman yet?


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I don’t know what happened to the title but it should say Week 7 Main…

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Week 7 , Congrats!

Guess I’ll read Justice league number 2 first and I’ll probably do that tomorrow

Justice League (2018-) #2

Nice pacing, good use of three main settings-
John G Green Lantern in space
Justice League on the ground next to the totality that looks like a giant human head sideways on the ground
Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom in some deep underwater ocean 100 year old retreat

Nice surprises and plot developments at the end, love seeing a new Lantern emotional spectrum color (I think?)

This scene of the Flash and Hawkgirl after he spends three pages begging to join the team venturing into the Totality, but finding out it requires shrinking down and being inside Martian Manhunter is some grand humor pacing!

JL #2: I didn’t see the Grodd / baby situation explained, just Grodd getting what was happening. So for now the Sinestro discovery of a new deadly emotional spectrum is striking.

Sinestro’s made sense- he’s been dealing with this emotional spectrum energy concept for quite a while.

The doorknob: I guess it’s supposed to be like “grant three wishes” idea, finding and opening the special doorknob reveals your subconscious drives and power. Maybe like that mediation thing where you imagine a door in your mind, focus on it for a while, then imaging opening the door…

Best art moment for me was the Luthor robot scene.

I thought it was clear the baby was Turtle which is the reveal for the slow force. It’s possible I’ve already made the connection ahead of time. I love that Lex is inside Superman. I wonder where the Joker is?


there’s definitely discussion of turtle wanting to crack the slow forde, but I never saw where it said the baby was the turtle… but that makes total sense.

Chapter and verse Man chapter and verse

I think, What I forgot when reading it is that who is who makes more sense.

some cool sci fi concepts!

Man of Steel #4

What happened on that final page? Did Rogal Zar blow up the fortress of solitude? Did Superman blow it up? Did something blow up? What happened :worried::worried::worried:


No. Rogal Zar destroyed it in #3

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Then what was that explosion on the final page? I know Rogal Zar trashed it in #3 but what was that on the last page of #4?

I’m thinking Superman just let it all go on Rogal Zar, realizing he could take it and that they were away from civilization.

I gotta go read this quick

The Man of Steel #4

Cool seeing Jor-el come to take his grandson on a fun trip with Lois too as I recall (from reading then apparently forgetting almost all of this a year later).

  1. over lap with Action #1000 uh, I bought it but again, not sure I read it all? The Jor-el part I got from the previous Superman /Jor-el epic.

  2. yup, love seeing Jor-el and Supes friendly Father / Son again.

  3. Rogal Zar is a horrible person. This concept of genetic cleansing continues to this day, and it is repugnant and unthinkable when one group slaughters another. No reason can justify it. Babies and the elderly do not wage war and create a need for vengeance, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg on why it’s just wrong.

  4. I like the slice of Superman’s life that Bendis has tackled so far. Mainly he’s showing us the public servant / warrior Superman. No Clark Kent to speak of yet, or family man.

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