"New to DCU" Book Club Week 8

This week, we are reading 5 different books. Of course, you can read as many or as few as you want. This is just a way to talk about the various DCU series!!

Detective Comics #983
Spinning off of Justice: No Justice, Batman is creating the Outsiders. Introducing the Signal, Black Lightning, and Cassandra Cain along with a new villain, this series should be cool. This is also the start of a new run on the series.

Teen Titans Special #1
Spinning off of Justice: No Justice, Damian Wayne is angry. It’s not just Damian though, told as three stories about teen anger this new run on Teen Titans is Suicide Squad meets 13 year olds.

Man of Steel #5
Rogal Zar and Superman continue their battle. Meanwhile, Jon and Lois talk with Jor-el. The fate of every kryptonian is at stake.

Batman Prelude to the Wedding: Harley Quinn vs. The Joker #1
Harley Quinn is here to stop the Joker from ruining the Wedding. Why is the Joker angry? Does Harleu still love the Joker? This story leads into Best Man!

Flash #49
Flash War continues as Barry and Wally race with deep personal stakes and massive global stakes! Big reprocutions for the Earth-1 and more!

Detective Comics #983

  1. Is Karma an interestng villain yet?
  2. How much do you know about Duke Thomas?
  3. Is this characterization of Black Lightning good?

Teen Titans Special #1

  1. Did the angst make sense?
  2. Do you agree with the direction the series is heading?
  3. Rank the stories

Man of Steel #5

  1. Do you like Jon’s decision?
  2. Is Rogal Zar’s hate TOO much?
  3. What is Bendis’s point about Kryptonians?

Harley v. Joker

  1. Is Harley seperate from the Joker or still in love?
  2. How has Harley’s relationship evolved?
  3. Did you like this miniseries?
  4. Rank it out of 5

Flash #49

  1. Which force interest you more? The Strength or Sage force.
  2. Do you understand the forces yet?
  3. Who was ultimately faster: Barry or Wally?
  4. Does Hunter Zolomon’s explanation of the Flash legacy make sense.

Thanks as always for joining in!! Please read WHAT you want to read. You don’t have to read what you don’t. This is just my currated selection trying to choose the most relevent and easiest to get into stories.


Thanks Nathan. I’ll continue The Man of Steel, Flash and also sample Detective this week!

Teen Titans Special was great! Wallace’s story was my favorite but I did enjoy all 3.

Teenagers are angsty and sassy. I remember being one myself so the direction for these characters make the most sense to me.

That’s really interesting @Nickweiser. As a teenager, I find the actions don’t make sense. Especially comparing Super Sons Damian to this Damian. I think Wally is the only one which I kinda get.

Detective 983. This comic seemed to read really fast for some reason. An intriguing set up for having a new group for Batman. It seems a bit too similar to the whole thing is going on in the Flash, who’s the villain only trying to be helpful.

  1. I see Karma as being like the Punisher, someone who believes in a much harsher treatment of criminals who threaten people’s lives. And this concept is been a national dialogue where some people think police should have the right to be a little more brutal in some situations and then others want to basically bring the police down to the level of a college security employee.

  2. Duke Thomas, I did see the introduction of the character I don’t think it was that long ago. I seem to recall it was a little similar to Tim Drake where the guy was super smart with computers and figured some stuff out and that Batman decided to let him try to be a robin type.

  3. I think the characterization of Black Lightning is good so far. The story did set aside some pages to start fleshing out this version of Black Lightning. It kind of boggles my mind to experience the three different versions of Black Lightning current right now. There is the Young Justice version that’s a lot of fun and then of course you got the CW TV show Black Lightning that is incredible. But wow none of them are the same.

As always sorry I have no ability to edit what I’m posting after it’s posted

RIP. Should be coming soon though!

The Man of Steel #5

Intriguing read, can’t wait to read issue #6. Love that final scene in the center of the Earth (Superman: “I promised Star Labs I wouldn’t do this anymore, but…” as he drills his way to the center of the Earth.

When I was a younger teen, I wrote a story about a group of scientists drilling a hole to the center of the Earth to use the liquid core for energy etc: Once they drained it, they found the innermost suspended core covered with dead bodies that looked like classic denizens of Hell…

The Flash 49 rebirth wow!

Definitely an exciting comic… I can’t imagine what number 50 is going to be like!

I don’t begin to understand what the strength or the sage forces are yet, they haven’t really explained it yet. I haven’t really been following the Flash since about New 52 number 30 or so, but of course I can see the covers as I’m going to comic book stores and I was aware of some other forces besides the speed force were being explored.

Well the writer here certainly feels that Wally is faster than Barry, which makes sense considering Wally is much younger than Barry…who should be dead (Crisis on Infinite Earths) or very old.

I think Zoom’s explanation of the flash legacy being that only inspires others to be the heroes that they never are had some truth to it, but again this guy’s babbling mad and he’s forgoing the fact that the Flashes over and over are great heroes, just like firefighters are.

The treachery of Hunter Zolomon is very similar to how the plot went on this season of The Flash on CW by the way.

@Nathan Maybe it was the loud rebellious teen in me that I see in Emoji, Wallace and Damian. I loved Super Sons as well! I personally feel this is just the next step in Damian’s story especially since he is short of a boy scout!