New to DCU Book Club Week 4: DCeased: Dead Planet! Joker War Continues! and Far Sector #7!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Week 4 of the New to DCU Book Club, where we will be reading and discussing comics currently coming the DC Universe Infinite.

What is this club?

We will be discussing stories big and small. Both Batman and Adam Strange, while making sure that you have ALL the context that you need to enjoy the story. You are missing as few details as possible, and that you will be able to understand everything. We will also be following a reading order I wrote to read the stuff you will need to enjoy Future State and Infinite Frontier. You can see the reading order HERE . As the weeks progress, we will read books including

  • Batman

  • Wonder Woman

  • Death Metal (and it’s tie-ins)

  • Joker War (and it’s tie-ins)

  • Strange Adventures

  • Far Sector (a phenomenal Green Lantern Story)

  • Justice League Dark

  • Rorschach by James Tynion and more.

There are series I’m missing. Some missing stories are great stories, while others are mediocre. Some notable titles are missing like Superman and Aquaman and this is because I’ve decided either 1) The run isn’t worth your time (like Superman) or 2) That the run is too far in to be accessible for jumping right in(Like Superman and Aquaman).

This week we are reading 5 different single issue, however, if you’ve been following along each week, then you shouldn’t have any problems getting into most of them.

DCeased: Dead Planet #1-2: The Story so far

Zombies took over the world in DCeased. This disease came from a techno virus that turned everyone who was looking at a screen into a machine. Many heroes have lost their lives including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and more. Unable to save earth, the remaining uninfected survivors fled the planet and those who survived and were left behind found refuge in Gotham in a garden created by Poison Ivy.


  1. What changes to the normal continuity do you like the most?
  2. What are your thoughts on the plastic man reveal?
  3. What’s your favorite moment in these 2 issues.

Batman #96: The Story so far: (Spoilers for past issues we’ve read in this club)

Joker was control of the entire wayne fortune and now Batman must stop him from taking over, but it won’t be easy. After arriving at one of his batcaves, Bruce discovers that Lucius has been given a toxin by Punchline, Joker’s new accomplice. After receiving the toxin, Bruce sees Alfred shooting missiles at him in a batplane.


  1. Can Bruce ever get the utopian society he wants?
  2. What do you think about using a time jump here?
  3. What’s your initial impression of Clownhunter?

Far Sector #7: The Story so far: (Spoilers for past issues we’ve read in this club)

The City Enduring has had its first murder, and tensions are running high. Some have begun to question the value of Switchoff, a drug that eliminates your emotions, including members on the council. Jo Mullein has been sent by the Lantern Corps to investigate crimes in deep space. Areas far away from anything the lantern corps would really reach normally. Her ring charges slowly overtime. However with such high tensions, riots broke out and Jo was unable to save everyone.


  1. What is your favorite page/moment of art in this issue?
  2. Do you like this AI sequence, or does it feel like we are losing the core plot a little?

Strange Adventures #4: The Story So Far

Adam Strange is a celebrated hero to the people of Rann, but someone thinks that something isn’t adding up in Adam Strange’s Story. Batman hired Mr. Terrific to investigate Strange.


  1. Early on in the issue, Adam Strange can’t manage to find anyone who is willing to help him get back to Rann. Each of them has reasons they are telling him that they can’t help, but are these reasons legit, or just excuses.
  2. Rate the art so far out of 10.

Extra Credit
Hey, I don’t want to assign more than 5 unique books in a week, because I don’t want you to ever feel overwhelmed, but if you want to check out, the Death Metal Tie-in: Dark Nights: Death Metal: Legends of the Dark Knights #1! It’s an exploration of some of the various Batmen in the book including everyone’s favorite B-Rex! It also gives a good explanation into the transformation of the Batman who Laughs into the Darkest Knight. If you read it, make sure to let me know your thoughts down below!!

Thank you all for participating each week!! I’ll see you next week when we tackle Dark Knights Metal #3 and our first Joker War Tie-in!

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  1. I like that Jonathan, Damian, and Cassie have taken on the mantles of their predecessors. Black Canary as a Green Lantern is interesting as well.
  2. Plastic Man was definitely a surprise to me. He has always seemed more of a joke character.
  3. I think my favorite moment is the heroes discovering that there is hope for a cure.
  4. No, Bruce will never be able to achieve a true utopia, but that doesn’t mean he should stop striving for it.
  5. The time jump was fine. I guess we don’t need to see every moment of Batman’s hallucinations.
  6. Clownhunter is obviously a killer. Otherwise, I don’t have much of an impression.
    Far Sector
  7. I liked the initial depiction of the AI world.
  8. I will have to see how this plays out to decide how I feel about it.
    Strange Adventures
  9. I think the reasons that Hal and Superman gave were legitimate, but they were probably also glad to have an excuse not to get involved.
  10. I would give the art an 8 out of 10.
    Extra Credit
    The Death Metal Legends of the Dark Knight was an interesting read. I definitely don’t like seeing Bruce go down a dark path.