New to DCU Book Club Week 3: Wonder Woman #759 and Celebrating Black History Month with Far Sector!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Week 3 of the New to DCU Book Club, where we will be reading and discussing comics currently coming the DC Universe Infinite.

What is this club?

We will be discussing stories big and small. Both Batman and Adam Strange, while making sure that you have ALL the context that you need to enjoy the story. You are missing as few details as possible, and that you will be able to understand everything. We will also be following a reading order I wrote to read the stuff you will need to enjoy Future State and Infinite Frontier. You can see the reading order HERE . As the weeks progress, we will read books including

  • Batman

  • Wonder Woman

  • Death Metal (and it’s tie-ins)

  • Joker War (and it’s tie-ins)

  • Strange Adventures

  • Far Sector (a phenomenal Green Lantern Story)

  • Justice League Dark

  • Rorschach by James Tynion and more.

There are series I’m missing. Some missing stories are great stories, while others are mediocre. Some notable titles are missing like Superman and Aquaman and this is because I’ve decided either 1) The run isn’t worth your time (like Superman) or 2) That the run is too far in to be accessible for jumping right in(Like Superman and Aquaman).

This week we are reading 2 different stories. The first book is my favorite book focused on African American influences and issues this year. It is unafraid to chart new territory and take risks, and it’s something really special. Far Sector is an award winning 12 issues-series about a new green lantern. This is a perfect Black History Month Read, and there are few books that could be more perfect to start the year. You do not need to understand ANYTHING really to dive it and it is super interesting all the same. It takes the sci-fi premise in really interesting directions while dealing with a very pertinent look at racial issues. The other book is the start of a new Wonder Woman arc by the Eisner Award-winning Mariko Tamaki. The run is only one arc (which is really sad) but I liked this arc a lot and I think you will enjoy it

Far Sector #1-6:
The Story so far:
There is literally nothing except 1 simple thing.
A Green Lantern is a galactic police force that uses a green ring to create constructs of energy that look however the mind wants them to look. That’s it! This is a new character dealing with an entirely new planet.

Wonder Woman #759: The Story so far:
Nothing really except:
Maxwell Lord: A psychic who makes you see things and controls your mind.

So overall the context is minimal.

Far Sector #1-6:

  1. What are your thoughts on the City Enduring (The location of the book)? The world building? The stuff with emotions and switchoff? The look?
  2. Who is at fault for the current situation? Is it the people in power? Is it the people trying to upset the system?
  3. What do you think of this new type of ring?
  4. How do you feel about Jo?
  5. Rate the first 6 issues out of 10.
  6. What is your favorite moment is the first 6 issues.

Wonder Woman #759:

  1. What do you think of Emma, this new original character?
  2. What do you think of the first issue? Is this a story you want to continue, or are you a little weary about it.


  • If you see someone asking "Where do I start reading comics? Please direct them to this club. I’m putting a TON of work into waking this a positive and helpful guided experience.

Please only read what you want to read. Also to encourage discussion, please format all comments like my comment below so that people can engage discussing the weekly books they read and ignore the books they haven’t read yet.


I read the first two issues of Far Sector when they came out. I’m a very big fan of the sci-fi plot and the highly stylistic artwork. I was thrilled to see it arrived here on the site the past couple weeks ago, and I’ll plan to read it after I plow through all the other wonderful offerings so far in this club that I have earmarked to read, weeks 1 and 2.

I’ve yet to see a week where there wasn’t at least one title I wanted to check out, nice curating Nathan!


I’m doing my best! Thanks for the love! Can’t wait for others to check it out.


Also if you want an update on the checklist, I crossed out this weeks stuff!

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Far Sector

  1. The city has an interesting look. I’m not sure that the emotional switch off is conveyed very well. If you had no emotions, would you protest?
  2. I think the people in power share more of the blame for the situation.
  3. This is definitely a different type of ring.
  4. I like Jo so far. She seems to have a good heart.
  5. I would give these issues an 8 out of 10 overall. I am definitely interested in continuing to read the story.
  6. I think my favorite moment is the flashback to get life on Earth before becoming a Green Lantern.

Wonder Woman

  1. Emma seems nice so far. We will see as the story progresses.
  2. I enjoyed the story and would like to read more.

@Nathan.Payson don’t look now but Applejack got your Club on the DC Comics site, very nice!


Missed week 2

Way behind

New-ro-DC tag
To find week 2

Bookmarked Week 1

Will use tag to get other weeks


@TurokSonOfStone1950 Your good! If you reply to a different week, or need to finish a reading. I’ll still be there to respond back!


Far Sector

I still haven’t read. I’m behind due to reading a bunch of other things – mainly Superman I heard Superman writers mention they like and Superman: Year One.

Wonder Woman #759:

  1. I’m interested to see where this character goes. She isn’t exactly clear to me and I’m intrigued.
  2. I liked the issue and want to continue reading.

Personally. I’m a huge fan of Superman and I recommend that you kinda ignore most of Bendis’s run. It isn’t all that well written and cared more about breaking headlines than letting the effects of big moments be felt. It was an impersonal superman which felt unedited.

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