[New to DCU] Book Club Week 2 Primer: Guide to Justice League: The Totality (2018) #1-7

Hello everyone! Welcome to the [New to DCU] Book Club Primers. Each week, we will read 1 recent arc that just arrived on DCU. This week it’s Justice League: The Totality and the discussion is available here !!! Of course this is also about accessibility so here is everything you need to know.
For last weeks Primer on Justice League: No Justice. Including an explanation of Dark Nights Metal, the Source Wall, and Lex being Good?!?! Click here.

  1. This week we are discussing the New Justice League, so I thought it would be fitting to explain what’s going on with everyone.

Flash - Basically just broke the Speed Force and is not in the best state of mind. (We will read where this happens soon)

John Stewart - He’s been leading the Green Lantern Corps for a while, but after a nasty fight with the Darkstars, he’s taking a “break”

Martain Manhunter - He’s been out of focus for a while on adventures in space. He returned during Dark Night Metal.

Superman - He’s encountered a big new villain (more on that when we read it)

Wonder Woman - She’s feeling kind of lost after some dark gods appeared…

Aquaman - He’s just helped Mera claim the throne of Atlantis and is now serving as a hero for Atlantis.

Hawkgirl - She’s back after returning in Dark Nights Metal.

  1. Let’s talk about the villains!

Gorilla Grodd - He just lost to the flash after trying to create a big Storm in Central City (Perfect Storm).

Joker - He just tried to ruin Batman’s Wedding (more on that when he read it)

Cheetah - She’s become the Cheetah again and is very angry with Wonder Woman.

Black Manta - Last we saw him, he tried to run an organization called N.E.M.O. but was defeated by Aquaman.

Lex Luthor - He’s been a hero for a while.

  1. Who is Vandal Savage? He is an immortal villain who has been around for a long time with plans that take several millenium to come to fruition.

  2. Anything else? Not particularly. Ask me ANY question you may have (no matter how basic they seem)!

That’s it!!! Of course if you want to know who’s who? DC created a great area for that already!! So check out the encyclopedia for more details.

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If Vandal Savage is Immortal then how did Lex him

Vandal savage is a complicated figure. He can’t die, but he can. Don’t read into it much other than know that he had some plan which no longer is coming to fruition.

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